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Mon. May 27, 2024
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Right to Childlessness
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By Dr. Cornelia Beyer

There should be a protected right to childlessness, like there are rights for gays or disabled people. There should be a right for women to simply say no to kids, whatever their circumstances or life situation.

We have more than enough people in the world. Reproduction might be in the interest of some, but it is not in the global interest. And women should be free to choose. At all cost. Other people buy cars in the colour they like; there is freedom in choice of that. But reproduction is still left in the hands of medicine and males, to a large degree.

There are pressures on females that reproduction is the meaning of life. This should also be changed with stories different from that. Tales – in the movies, theatre, whatnot – about alternatives.

Some people don’t drive, and no one complains. Why is it that when – in particular women – decide not to have children the world goes havoc? Why does the world not go havoc if women don’t earn a lot or do not become race car drivers or do not go to Mars or do not  fulfill their dreams? Why is it that women are only defined by their reproductive organs?

This is worse under Trump than it was under Obama, but that might just be a personal take.

Males who achieved much and women who achieved much were all childless. If life plays like that, and if it is a wish, it should be respected. There is no ethical need for reproduction, with 7 billion people in the world.

And that should go for anybody! Males, females, gays, straights, developed and undeveloped countries. Any colour, any race. People will always reproduce more than enough (and in fact this causes more than enough wars). The wish to remain childless should be respected. Like the wish to avoid driving, start scuba diving, or read a special book. It’s simply a choice, and it should be respected at all cost and it should not be force on – in particular females – reproduction against their will. That would be against freedom of choice,which is dear to Americans – and against human rights.

Instead, women should peacefully rebel to occupy the real places of power in society; to do what males do. To do philosophy and politics and science and art and whatnot. That’s really what’s needed.

Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer is lecturer in international relations at the University of Hull UK. Her previous publications include: Violent Globalisms: Conflict in Response to Empire Ashgate, 2008 and Counterterrorism and International Power Relations IB Tauris: 2010. More information is to be found on her website: www.corneliabeyer.net.


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