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Sat. July 20, 2024
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Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?
Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?
Author examines current military situation in Afghanistan and prospect for removing Western troops by 2014. By Michael Orfanos. (05/23/2011) Read More...

Higher education and the recession: It still pays to study
Higher education and the recession: It still pays to study
An OECD study shows that, despite an ever growing supply of university degree earners, there is still a significant return to education among degree earners in developed countries. The Economist (9/19... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Karen E. Smith
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Karen E. Smith
International Affairs Forum discusses EU issues with Dr. Karen E. Smith, Head of the European Foreign Policy Unit, London School of Economics. (IA-Forum, 03/15/2007) Read More...

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Capture the Flag
Denmark's reputation for tolerance is a myth, the author says, and the country has grown increasingly xenophobic as of late. By Martin Burcharth. (New York Times, 2/12/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Islam the Riots Drowned Out
The protests over the Danish cartoon imbroglio obscure the rich humanistic tradition within Islam, author says. By Emran Quereshi. (New York Times, 2/12/2006) Read More...

External Article
European Arrogance Versus Muslim Fanaticism
J├╝rgen Gottschlich of Der Spiegel, comments on the recent publication of cartoons depicting Muhammad in a negative light, thereby causing indignation throughout the Muslim world and debates over free ... Read More...

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Anti-Muslim discrimination in EU on the increase
Discrimination and intolerance against Muslims in the EU have increased since the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, a new report released yesterday (7 March) by the International Helsinki Federa... Read More...

External Article

External Article
Good Unintended Consequences
Despite EU claims of becoming the most dynamic economy in the world, business regulation in Europe is increasing, contributing to pitiful economic growth rates and the perpetual scourge of high unempl... Read More...

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