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Wed. April 24, 2019
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External Article
North Korea's Connection to International Trade in Drugs, Counterfeiting, and Arms
The Kim Jong-il regime resembles a cult-based, family-run criminal enterprise rather than a government. United States diplomacy should be aimed at increasing the economic and political pressure on Pyo... Read More...

External Article
The Missile-Defense Mistake: Undermining Strategic Stability and the ABM Treaty
Washington's plans for a national missile-defense system threaten the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty -- the foundation of international strategic stability (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/2000) Read More...

External Article
The Folly of Arms Control
Ten years after the end of the Cold War, nuclear danger is rising. Despite the end of the struggle in whose name the great nuclear arsenals were built, Washington now seeks to stop proliferation while... Read More...

External Article
Defending America in the Twenty-first Century
Despite a vast budget that dwarfs the military spending power of both friends and foes, the U.S. military today remains stuck in the past. The next president must seize the opportunity to remake the m... Read More...

External Article
Security Lessons from the Cold War
Unlike the Soviet Union, America innovatively melded public and private efforts to make new arms systems, use interservice rivalries as a goad to innovation, and draw on U.S. technological expertise. ... Read More...

External Article
One-Day Wonder: The dangerous absurdity of the Bush-Putin arms treaty
The Moscow Treaty ensures maximum US nuclear flexibility. The result is a treaty that makes the world no safer than it was before, and much the worse for failing to achieve a genuine reduction in nucl... Read More...

External Article
Afghanistan and the Future of Warfare
(Foreign Affairs, 3/1/2003, $)

External Article
The Future of the Russian Military: Managing Geopolitical Change and Institutional Decline
(Heritage Foundation, 12/12/1996)

External Article
Defense for the 21st Century
Donald Rumsfeld addresses objections made to the President Bush's proposed Defense Transformation Act for the 21st Century. (Washington Post, 5/22/2003) Read More...

External Article

External Article
Beyond the Axis of Evil: Additional Threats from Weapons of Mass Destruction
(Heritage Foundation, 3/6/2002)

External Article
Congress Should Commend Britain on Missile Defense Radar Upgrade
Britain's move is the first step in creating an allied ballistic missile defense. Is the US government really doing them a favor? Read More...

External Article
No Defense for Criticism on Missile Defense Testing
Criticism for the Bush Administration's desire to see a missile defense with an operational capability is not warranted. An operational capability is better than no defense at all. (Heritiage Founda... Read More...

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