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Sat. November 26, 2022
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External Article
Being Hafiz al-Assad: Syria's Chilly but Consistent Peace Strategy
Unleashing Hezbollah, stalling talks, and having the state-run media spew anti-Israel vitriol hardly seem pacific, but Syria's dictator has a consistent if chilly peace strategy. By Henry Siegman. (Fo... Read More...

External Article
Creating Modern Oman: An Interview with Sultan Qabus
With increasing rights for women, legal reform, and a flexible interpretation of Islam, Oman is opening up, declares Sultan Qabus bin Said in an interview. By Judith Miller. (Foreign Affairs, 5/1/19... Read More...

External Article
How Does Saddam Hold On?
The West should nudge Iraq's battered elites to replace Saddam with a less megalomaniacal autocrat from inside his regime and outside his immediate family. By Ofra Bengio. (Foreign Affairs, 7/1/2000,... Read More...

External Article
What UN can -- and can't -- do in Iraq
(Belfer Center, 4/23/2003)

External Article
Turkey at a Critical Juncture
A policy brief in which Zeyno Baran warns of the challenges facing the new Turkish government and with it the transatlantic relationship with the US. (Nixon Center, 2/20/2003) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Israel at 50
(7/12/2000)

External Article
BBC In Depth: Jordan - Death of a King
Following King Hussein's death, BBC News Online's special coverage looks back at his reign and at the challenges which lie ahead for his country. (2/13/1999) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Israel Elections
Ehud Barak became Israel's new prime minister after a decisive election victory over incumbent Binyamin Netanyahu. BBC News Online's election special report covered the campaign issues, key figures an... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Iran in Crisis
The full implications of the protests which shook Iran in July 1999 will take time to emerge. BBC News Online's special coverage looks at what lay behind the most serious unrest in the country since t... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Syria's Strong Man
News and background on the life and death of Assad and Syria's future without him. (1/6/2003) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Iran: The Struggle for Change
Report on Iranian elections. (2/26/2000)

External Article
BBC In Depth: Israel and the Palestinians
News and analysis about Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. (6/26/2003) Read More...

External Article
National Security Strategy
The National Security Strategy of the United States of America (09/17/2002) Read More...

External Article
Israel: Change your vision for long-term peace
Argues that Israeli actions that punish Palestinians will only sow the seeds of further hatred and worse conflicts to come. (Christian Science Monitor, 8/14/2003) Read More...

External Article
Erecting a Barrier to Peace
Asserts that the Jerusalem security wall/fence alone will condemn the road map to a premature death. By Daniel Seidemann. (Washington Post, 8/14/2003) Read More...

External Article
Quiet negotiations develop possible Mideast peace plan
"Although it has received little attention in the U.S. media, a detailed, soon-to-be-released Middle East accord struck by a group of influential Israelis and Palestinians paves the way to the region'... Read More...

External Article
Iran, Israel, and U.S. Sanctions
(Nixon Center, 7/11/2001)

External Article
Israel Banks on a Fence
Having lost faith in negotiations, most Israelis now favor separation from the Palestinians--unilaterally if necessary, and behind a wall. This makes sense. The immediate effects of separation may be ... Read More...

External Article
Israel's Security Dilemma
A discussion with His Excellency, Daniel Ayalon, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States (Nixon Center, 10/2/2002) Read More...

External Article
Lebanon and the Peace Process After the Israeli Withdrawal
(Nixon Center, 6/8/2000)

External Article
Maps of War, Maps of Peace: Finding a Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Question
(World Policy Journal, 6/1/2002)

External Article
Myth and Narrative in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
(Belfer Center, 6/1/2003)

External Article
Recent Developments in Israeli Domestic Politics
A Presentation by Shai Feldman, Director of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel-Aviv University (Nixon Center, 1/29/1999) Read More...

External Article
September 11:  Repercussions for Israel and the Peace Process
A Presentation by Ambassador Zalman Shoval (Nixon Center, 10/24/2001) Read More...

External Article
The U.S. Agenda at the Israeli-Palestine Summit
(Heritage Foundation, 10/14/1998)

External Article
A Trusteeship for Palestine?
The Bush administration's plan for Middle East peace is a road map to nowhere. A more ambitious approach will be necessary to parlay the bounce from a successful Iraq war into serious Israeli-Palestin... Read More...

External Article
Palestine, Iraq, and American Strategy
Many critics argue that the Bush administration should put off a showdown with Saddam Hussein and focus instead on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now, as in 1991, if a road to a calmer situation in... Read More...

External Article
Palestinians Divided
Yasir Arafat has been neither an orchestrator nor a spectator of the second intifada; he has been its target. Arafat must reform his government and secure a credible peace process -- before it's too l... Read More...

External Article
Iran and the Axis of Evil
(Nixon Center, 2/10/2002)

External Article
Iran in the Balance
To turn back victories by President Mohammad Khatami and his reformist allies, Iran's conservatives have embarked on a campaign of repression. As the two camps battle for control, the proper moves fro... Read More...

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