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External Article
Borders Beyond Control
Migration lies at the center of global problems today. Governments must stop trying to curtail migration and start managing it to seek benefits for all. By Jagdish N. Bhagwati. (Foreign Affairs, 1/1/2... Read More...

External Article
Brazil's New Capitalism
Under President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Brazil has finally embraced modern capitalism and broken decisively with a sclerotic old economic model. But the world should hold its applause until Cardoso... Read More...

External Article
Chapter 11 for Countries?
A debate is unfolding over a new IMF proposal to avert future Argentina-style financial meltdowns: an international "Chapter 11". Such a plan would represent an improvement over the current approach -... Read More...

External Article
Euro Fantasies: Common Currency as Panacea
The battle for the common currency may be remembered as one of the more useless in Europe's history. By Rudiger Dornbusch. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/1996, $) Read More...

External Article
Debate: A Second American Century
America's prosperity is structural, not transient, and its lead over Europe and Asia will only widen with time. America had the twentieth century. It will also have the twenty-first. By Mortimer B. Zu... Read More...

External Article
Debate: America the Boastful
While the U.S. economy is in a period of robust growth, nothing fundamental has changed. Its long-run growth rate has not accelerated, productivity has not risen, and the structural unemployment rate ... Read More...

External Article
From Poster Child to Basket Case
Argentina's policymakers have since failed to revive the prosperity the nation once enjoyed. The result is a cautionary tale of how even the best-intentioned market reforms can miss their mark. By Ma... Read More...

External Article
The Case for Privatization
By 2030, Social Security payroll tax rates will rise to 19 percent - more than 45 percent including Medicare and Medicaid. The solution is to phase out Social Security and other pay-as-you-go programs... Read More...

External Article
Great Britain and the Euro v. Sterling Debate
Article critical of Britain adopting the euro. (Heritage Foundation, 8/16/2000) Read More...

External Article
Europe's Next Big Idea: Strategy and Economics Point to a European Military
After unifying its currencies, Europe is trying to build its own army. The idea is good strategy and better economics. By Richard Medley. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/1999) Read More...

External Article
A Global Third Way: Social Justice and the World Economy
Critiques U.S. proposed 'third way' in economic policy as an alternative to free market liberalism on the one hand and active state interventionism on the other. By Ethan B. Kapstein. (World Policy Jo... Read More...

External Article
America the Vulnerable
September 11 revealed the soft underbelly of globalization. Washington must work with other governments to make international trade safe -- or else close the book on globalization. By Stephen E. Flynn... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Euro Elections
Coverage of Euro Elections. (6/1/1999)

PDF document
The War on Terrorism, the World Oil Market and the U.S. Economy
(Brookings Institute, 10/24/2001)

External Article
BBC In Depth: UK and the Euro
News and analysis of UK's position on the Euro. (BBC News, 9/28/2003) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: The Euro
Background, news and analysis regarding the euro. (11/26/2002)

External Article
Foundation for Economic Freedom
Research organization promoting individual freedom, private property, limited government, and free trade. Read More...

External Article
Society for the Development of Austrian Economics
Goal is to advance the ideas of Menger, Mises, and Hayek and other economists of the Austrian school through both internal development and interaction with the ideas of other related approaches to eco... Read More...

External Article
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Research and educational center of classical liberalism, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of economics. Read More...

External Article
Atlas Economic Research Foundation
Non-profit whose mission is to bring freedom to the world by helping develop and strengthen a network of market-oriented think tanks that spans the globe. Read More...

External Article
Dead Economists Society
Web site "dedicated to the extraordinary insights of classical liberal economists." Includes discussion forum. Read More...

External Article
Hayek Center for Multidisciplinary Research

External Article
U.S.-Russia Summit Priorities: The Strategic Framework, a Nuclear Arms Agreement, and Trade
Summit framework could lay the foundation for a new 21st century security architecture while facilitating Russia's integration into the European-North Atlantic security and economic environment. (Her... Read More...

External Article
Russia and the Axis of Evil: Money, Ambition, and U.S. Interests
Russia is more concerned today about the threat of Islamist terrorism than most Western European governments, thus providing the window for a strategic relationship. The Bush Administration should gi... Read More...

External Article
The (Russian) Empire Strikes Back
By Leon Aron. (Weekly Standard, 11/10/2003)

External Article
No Good News for Euro
The European currency lost almost 27 kopecks, US's prospects look more promising. (Pravda, 7/9/2003) Read More...

External Article
We can seize the day
The task is not to overthrow globalisation but to use it for a democratic revolution. (Guardian, 6/17/2003) Read More...

External Article
The Middle Kingdom Runs Dry: Tax Evasion in China
Thanks to a woefully corrupt and inefficient tax system, Beijing is going broke. China must fix its tax problems fast, before globalization speeds it into bankruptcy. By William Gamble. (Foreign Affai... Read More...

External Article
Japan, The Reluctant Reformer
If Japan's charismatic new leader cannot push through fundamental reforms, capital flight and emigration could be the public's next moves. By Leonard J. Schoppa. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/2001, $) Read More...

External Article
The Unraveling of Japan Inc.: Multinationals as Agents of Change
High growth in postwar Japan depended on shared sacrifice. Today Japan's multinationals go wherever profits take them, while consumers demand more. By Michael Hirsh and E. Keith Henry. (Foreign Affa... Read More...

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