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IA-FORUM is looking for editorials and essays in the areas of international politics and policy, economics, and intelligence.

A rough guideline for the type of article / op-ed pieces we are looking for can be found by reading existing articles and papers in the web site.

  • Editorials should be approximately 700 to 1000 words.
  • Longer essays should be no longer than approximately 3000 words in length. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the type of content we accept and publish before submitting your piece for consideration.
  • Please try and keep to the standard lengths for submissions, as the shorter and more concise a contribution, the higher the likelihood it will be published and, for that matter, read.
  • Include a separate bibliography and footnotes, where applicable, for your piece – although we do not recommend you publish it as part of your work, unless it is a research paper.
  • Provide a brief biography of yourself including your present and past positions, experience and any other publications.
  • We do not accept submissions sent simultaneously to several publications; if this is the case, if you could please inform us about the situation.
  • Your piece should be written to communicate with our global audience. Submitted works are expected to adhere to a qualitative standard that merits publication. Complete command and cogent use of the English language is imperative. The submission needs to be written for publication and of general interest to the readership.
  • IA-FORUM also encourages and accepts comments relating to previously published articles and letters to the editor. Letters to the editor will be published if deemed of merit; otherwise they may be passed on to the author of the piece to which they refer.
  • Write pieces that engage the reader, spark thought and the exchange of ideas. For publication on IA-FORUM, we emphasize readability and accessibility to a broad readership. Jargon is best avoided, humor welcome.
  • Articles/papers should offer an interesting point-of-view based upon well-researched and documented data and analysis of that data. We may ask you to provide supporting documentation sources for your piece. Authors of opinion editorials need to be able to verify factual claims if requested. IA-FORUM does not refuse to run editorials of view-points contrary to the Editor or staff but will refuse any submission that displays poor taste or unsubstantiated demagoguery.
  • IA-FORUM reserves the right to edit for space and style if necessary. Whether to contact the author about these changes prior to publication is at the discretion of the Editor.
  • In case a submission is not accepted, the Editor may ask that changes be made for reconsideration. Adherence to such requested changes is in itself no guarantee for publication of the revised version. The IA-FORUM is not obliged to explain why a work was not accepted for publication


All pieces should be in a Word (.doc), text (.txt), or .rtf format. If you wish to include pictures and graphs, contact an IA-FORUM Editor first. All submissions need to include the date of submission and the name and contact information (in particular e-mail) of the author.

Please reference the following document for further style and submission guidelines:

  Manuscript guidelines for online submissions


Submit pieces and address questions to


With almost all the material published on International Affairs Forum, copyright remains with the author.  However, we assume the right to syndicate your writing to commercial publications around the world for one year.

Please note that International Affairs Forum uses CrossCheck™ software to screen papers for unoriginal material. By submitting your paper to International Affairs Forum you are agreeing to any necessary originality checks your paper may have to undergo during the review and production processes.


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