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International Affairs
Forum - (2014 Issue 1)

Available Now
12/01/2014: Taxation and Equitable Economic Development: A Historical Note More
11/30/2014: Reaching Across the Pacific: Latin America and Asia in the New Century More
11/25/2014: La explosión de la inversión exterior Latinoamericana: tendencias y evolución reciente de las multilatinas More
11/20/2014: CGD Event: Predicting Partnerships: Which Countries Will the Millennium Challenge Corporation Select This Year? More
11/19/2014: Global Health blog: After Ebola: Five Lessons for Outbreak Response More
11/19/2014: Development blog: The Baker’s Dozen: A 748-Year-Old Solution for Climate Offsets More
11/19/2014: Solutions for Sustainability and Resilience in a Constantly Changing World More
11/19/2014: Development blog: How to Publish Your Government Contracts More
11/19/2014: Development blog: Jurisdictional Forest Offsets: California Dreamin’? More
11/19/2014: Understanding the Ebola Outbreak and How to Respond in the Future More
11/19/2014: Havel's Idealistic Governance, Version 2.0 More
11/19/2014: Why Congress Should Legalize Pot More
11/19/2014: DACA Offers Lessons for Executive Action on Immigration More
11/19/2014: Get the Fiscal House in Order More
11/19/2014: CGD Publication: The $138.5 Billion Question: When Does Foreign Aid Work (and When Doesn’t It)? More
11/19/2014: CGD Publication: The California REDD+ Experience: The Ongoing Political History of California’s Initiative to Include Jurisdictional REDD+ Offsets within Its Cap-and-Trade System - Working Paper 386 More
11/18/2014: US-China Relations After APEC: The nature of Sino-American relations is rapidly changing. And that’s a good thing. More
11/18/2014: CEF director, Jennifer Turner, was interviewed by the KCRW about Sino-US Climate Deal More
11/18/2014: Why Ending FEMA Will Improve Disaster Response More
11/18/2014: India Energy: The Struggle For Power More
11/18/2014: Letter to the Editor: Not One Rule for Thee, But Another for Me More
11/18/2014: Making Climate Policy from a Debate Driven by Extremes More
11/18/2014: Taiwan’s Municipal Elections: Local Races with National Implications More
11/18/2014: The Federal Emergency Management Agency: Floods, Failures, and Federalism More
11/17/2014: Development blog: 10 Million Stateless and Growing: How Donors Can Help More
11/17/2014: Development blog: Credit Where Credit’s Due: Brisbane Edition More
11/17/2014: Governing the Horn of Africa’s Lowlands: Land Investments and Villagization in Gambella, Ethiopia More
11/17/2014: Development blog: Will More Red States Constrain More REDD+ Finance? More
11/17/2014: Ukrainian Crisis Must Not Become a Frozen Conflict More
11/17/2014: The $3 Billion U.S. Pledge for the Green Climate Fund: Is It a lot? More
11/17/2014: Who's Afraid of a Little Deflation? More
11/17/2014: Obama Administration Loses Collective Mind: Sending Troops to Iraq, Targeting Assad in Syria? More
11/17/2014: Taiwan-China: On the Wang Yu-chi-Zhang Zhijun Meeting More
11/17/2014: The Stupidity of 'Experts' More
11/17/2014: Creating a 'Win-Win' in M&A, Part V: How BB&T Guarded against Hostile Bids More
11/17/2014: Why Government Fails and Why Ideas Matter More
11/17/2014: WATCH: Bruce Riedel Tells the Story of the Islamic State’s Origin More
11/17/2014: History, Politics, and Policy in the U.S.-Korea Alliance More
11/17/2014: History, Politics, and Policy in the U.S.-Korea Alliance More
11/17/2014: CGD Publication: US Support for REDD+: Reflections on the Past and Future Outlook More
11/17/2014: Hezbollah in a Time of Transition More
11/15/2014: Putin’s created an economic crisis and left Moscow no easy way out More
11/14/2014: Development blog: Are the US and G-20 Finally Leading on Climate? More
11/14/2014: Save the Date: IFES-WWICS Washington Forum on Korea Friday December 5, 2014 More
11/14/2014: From the Velvet Revolution to Putin’s Russia: Is the Need for “Free Media” Greater Than Ever? More
11/14/2014: A Silver Bullet for the European Crisis More
11/14/2014: A Silver Bullet for the European Crisis More
11/14/2014: The Biggest News from Brisbane: China to Chair the G-20 in 2016 More
11/14/2014: Ghosts of Resolutions Past: The G20 Agreement on Phasing Out Inefficient Fossil Fuel Subsidies More
11/14/2014: 2014 Canada-United States Regulatory Cooperation Council Plenary Session More
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