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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East

Authors introduce analytical framework of 'incipient societies' to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring”. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration. By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D.
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Medical Ethics, Globalization, and the Decline of Lethal Injection

Essay provides history and analysis of lethal injection. Is it on the decline? By Brian Evans. (08/26/2015)

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The Turkey and US 'Safe Zone' Plan: 3 Questions with Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

Yezid Sayigh of the Carnegie Middle East Center discusses the recent Turkish-U.S. plan to create a 'safe zone' in Syria. (08/18/2015)

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Obama’s Neoliberal Foreign Policy in a Neoliberal World

From his decision to forge a deal with Iran to his stance on China, President Obama's distinctly Neoliberal foreign policy conforms well to the emerging Neoliberal world order.By Carlos Ramirez. (08/13/2015)

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The Case for Enabling a Golden Era of Exploration Through International Space Cooperation

An analysis of international space cooperation and call for leveraging its benefits into action.  By Alex Davis.  (06/23/2015)

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By Alex Davis. (06/23/2015)

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Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Speaks on Genocide Prevention

Report on event featuring Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright at George Washington University. By Ben Linden. (04/07/2009)
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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 03/16/2015

In this week’s GRI Risk Outlook: Nuclear talks with Iran,  possible increases in interest rates, Israeli PM Netanyahu faces reelection hiccups, and more. (Global Risk Outlook, 03/16/2015)

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IA-Forum Interview: Federiga Bindi

IA Forum discusses issues concerning Italy with Federiga Bindi, Director of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute. By Valentine Pasquesoone. (03/22/2009)
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Temper Your Expectations in U.S.-India Relations

The historical relationship between the US and India should give one pause for being overly optimistic for substantial progress. By Searn Durns. (Global Risk Insights, 01/29/2015)

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 01/26/2015

In this GRI Weekly Risk Outlook: ASEAN pushes for ‘code of conduct’ in South China Sea dispute, the Fed to maintain its current monetary policy stance, and the African Union and others attempt to broker an agreement in South Sudan. (Global Risk Insights, 01/28/2015). 

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 01/19/2015

Read about the ECB's QE program, US sanctions on Iran and more in this week's Global Risk Insight's Weekly Risk Outlook.  (Global Risk Insight, 01/19/2015)

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Expect increase in US activity in Middle East

In efforts to build President Obama's legacy and help the Democarts, increased U.S involvement in the Middle East is expected. By Chris Solomon. (Global Risk Insights,11/19/2014)

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The American Withdrawal from Iraq: The Debate

Politicians point fingers about United States involvement and miscues in Iraq.  Who's to blame?  By Dr. Erik Lindell. (09/18/2014)

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From Front to Back: Changes in American Policy on Striking Libya between Reagan and Obama

Paper presents a historical look at responses against Libya by Presidents Reagan and Obama.  By Julian Newton Weiss (05/28/2014

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Demystifying the Chinese Economy

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The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – At the Heart of the Global Nuclear Debate

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A Conversation with General Martin Dempsey

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A Conversation with General Martin Dempsey

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The Euro-Exit Taboo

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The Drivers of Insecurity in Mauritania

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What's Behind the Bombings in Ukraine?

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Economic and Political Challenges in the Philippines

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The Unspectacular Future of the IAEA Additional Protocol

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The Unspectacular Future of the IAEA Additional Protocol

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North Korea: The Mouse that Roared

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French Elections and the Eurozone: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Current Developments in Uzbekistan’s Parliament

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The Competitiveness Crisis

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Mafia States

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Competing Orientations for the Near and Middle East

How can the United States best promote a peaceful and productive Middle East?  By Jack Pearce. (03/23/2015)

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U.S. Should Conclude the Negotiation on Rules for Aerial Encounters with China

Author argues that the United States should conclude the negotiations with China on an agreed code of conduct for aerial encounters.  By Han Guo.  (11/17/2015) 

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The U.S. Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific and Sino-U.S. Relations

The U.S. needs a more constructive approach to Sino relations to achieve a prosperous and secure Asia-Pacific.  By Qi Lin.  (11/09/2015)

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How Russia, China, and IS Have Made the US Popular Again

Allies and partners are looking to the United States in ways not seen since the Cold War.  By Rob Spalding and Adam Lowther. (The Diplomat, 06/29/2015)

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China’s Lucky Decade

From Bush to Obama: Has the U.S. failed to contain China?  By James Yan. (06/25/2015)

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Was Ukrainian Crisis a result of NATO Eastward Expansion?

Ukraine is a primary comopent of Putin's concern against NATO’s expansion policy towards the CIS. By Sandeep Tripathi. (03/16/2015)

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What does Putin Want, and How To Handle Him?

What are Putin's objectives and what's limiting him? And how should the West respond?  By Jack Pearce. (02/25/2015)

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Global Anti-Terror Strategy

Obama's recent visit to India represents a significant step toward developing a global anti-terror strategy. By Dr. Kashi Pandita. (02/02/2015)

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How to Stop the Crime of Ungrateful Children?

Repercussions of arming insurgents still resonate.  By Ali Reza Sarwar. (01/14/2015)

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US Policy Options for Iraq and the ISIS Threat

Recent development in Iraq leave the US in a precarious place.  What are its options? By Andrew Kelly.  (07/04/2014)

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A Competitive U.S-China dynamic in Asia-Pacific

Is the Asia Pivot leading to increased tensions in the Asia Pacific? By Deedar Hussain Samejo (05/27/2014)

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Bi-polarity of Afghan peace talks

Afghan peace talks are bounded by many stakeholders.  How are they involved and how does Karzai play into the situation?  By Dr. Kashi N Pandita. (02/26/2014)

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Iran Nuclear Deal: On the way to political transformations or united for the political game?

What are the hopes for the Iran nuclear deal? By Serine Ayriyan. (12/15/2013)

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Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention in Syria and the Law of Use of Force: The US or the UN?

Legally, can the use of force on the basis of humanitarian grounds be used in Syria? By Henok Gabisa. (09/11/2013)
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Is American Power Truly Declining?

Contrary to some viewe, American military, economic and diplomatic power is not declining. By Zachary K. Ochoa. (07/18/2013)
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Syria and the Arab Uprisings: A Special Case

How do Russia, China and their allies in the Middle East (most notably Iran) play into the Syria and Arab uprising equation? By Yasir Kuoti. (08/21/2012)
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Memogate Reveals Pakistan’s Hand

Author analyzes Pakistan Memogate, its aftermath, and what it tells us about US-Pakistan relations. By Mickey Kupecz. (first appeared in E-IR, 11/30/2011)
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McCain Visit to Pakistan, India Reflects Wisdom of Decoupling

Author analyzes Sen. McCain's recent visit to Central Asia and its reflection of emerging US policy. By Michael Kupecz. (08/27/2011)
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History Is Not On Our Side: U.S. Foreign Policy and Yemen

Author examines US policy efforts in Yemen and presents several flaws with it. By Patrick Corcoran. (07/12/2011)
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Barack Obama: In search of the Jeffersonian legacy?

Author presents argument that Barack Obama's recent speech in the Middle East signals a step toward Jeffersonian policy. By Michalis Orfanos. (06/05/2011)
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Obama’s speech, Obama’s sorrows

Author analyzes President Obama's recent speech about the Middle East and its meanings. By Dmitri Titoff. (05/25/2011)
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Two End States in Afghanistan: Somalia of Asia or the Turkey of the East

Author presents analysis of current situation in Afghanistan and asks which direction policies will steer the country toward. By Davood Moradian. (10/18/2010)
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Bush Doctrine Hangover… A New Headache for Peace builders…

Author analyzes 'War on Terror' doctrine and its impact on peace practitioners. By Dr. Christos Kyrou (08/10/2010)
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President Barack Obama's Peace Plan for the Middle East?

Author explores U.S. peace plan for the Middle East and discusses means for positive U.S. foreign policy there. By Dr. Yoav J. Tenembaum. (05/25/2009)
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The Fall of U.S. Hegemony in Latin America

Author analyzes the decreasing influence of the United States in Latin American and the rising influence of Russia and Brasil. By Adam Kott. (10/20/2008)
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Russia and China: The New Axis of Evil?

Authors discuss the possibility that Russia and China now constitute the 'Axis of Evil'. By Ryan Barnes & Steinar Dyrnes. (08/04/2008)
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Would an Obama-Brown relationship be special?

Author considers the prospects of a Barack Obama presidency for the "special relationship." By Leigh Marshall (07/31/2008)
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Back to the (Policy) Future, Or: The Vagaries of International Relations

Selling arms simultaneously to Saudi-Arabia and Israel is hardly new in America's foreign policy. But critics of this White House wonder how this new plan can be squared with the "Bush Doctrine". By Jens F. Laurson and George A. Pieler (12/28/2007)
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Deadline Approaching for Iranian Compliance with UN Resolution

Analysis and commentary surrounding the deadline for Iranian compliance with United Nations (UN) Resolution 1737. By Stephanie Brophy. (IA-Forum, 02/07/2007)
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Iraqization - Not Democratization

Analysis of the Iraq conflict and call to reinspect democratization policy efforts. By Alan Hootnick. (2/5/2007)
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