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China’s Minor(ity) Problem

What are the reasons for increased violence between the Chinese government and minority groups?  By Tristan Abbott. (03/03/2015) 

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Greed is good…but only for cancer

Boris Johnson says capitalism is essential if are to meet the biggest challenges facing the human race’, including fight against cancer.  What do the facts say? By Amna Whiston. (02/21/2015)

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Growing Islamophobia heightens political risk for Europe

Amid the high tension in Europe, populist parties will use Islamophobia to increase their political influence. This troublesome trend will only bring about greater political risk for the continent. By Chris Solomon. (Global Risk Insights, 02/04/2015)

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 01/26/2015

In this GRI Weekly Risk Outlook: ASEAN pushes for ‘code of conduct’ in South China Sea dispute, the Fed to maintain its current monetary policy stance, and the African Union and others attempt to broker an agreement in South Sudan. (Global Risk Insights, 01/28/2015). 

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Human Rights Violations Inside EU

Is the EU hypocritical concerning human rights? By H.E. Dr. Walter Schwimmer. (Modern Diplomacy, 01/20/2015)

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IA Forum Interview: Scott Hickie discusses health corruption

IA Forum interview with Scott Hickie (Senior Analyst, Open Brieifing) who diiscusses corruption in the health sector.  Interview by Madison J. Myers.  (12/19/2014)

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IA Forum Interview: Dr. David Phillips

Dr.David Phillips discusses international development, the role of remittances, and his book, Development Without Aid,. Interview by Adriana Stephan.  (12/02/2014)

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Migration and Fence-Building

Animated overview of Migration and Fence-Building from The Three Minute Post

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This is not 1989

Contrary to what many believe, recent protests in Hong Kong to not compare well to Tiannanmen Square.  By Barclay Bram Shoemaker. (10/08/2014)

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IA Forum Interview with Reecha Upadhyay, The Asia Foundation

Reecha Upadhyay of The Asia Foundation disusses facts, perceptions, and myths about rape in India. Interviewed by Madison J. Myers. (09/29/2014)

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Interview with Abin Thomas - Kerala’s Cancer Crisis

IA Forum speaks with author Abin Thomas about the cancer crisis in the Indian state of Kerala.  By Madison J. Meyers (08/20/2014)

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Children at the Border: Refugees from the Drug War?

Analysis of problems faced by children immigrating to the US as a result of the Drug War.  By Dr. Lynn Holland.  (07/08/2014)

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Foreign Civilian Women Working In War Zones: The Good, Bad and Ugly

A look at challenges foreign civilian women face in war zones.  By Jade Wu (06/13/2014)

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New Issue of International Affairs Forum: Interview with Metodi Zajkov (Transparency International –

In this look inside the latest issue of International Affairs Forum (Taylor&Francis), an interview with Metodi Zajkov, Transparency International – Macedonia. (International Affairs Forum)

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Mineral traceability and conflict in eastern DRC: the case of the “Conflict-Free Tin Initiative”

Paper analyzes the Conflict-Free Tin Initiative and whether traceability provided by it will provide positive results. By Dr. Edoardo Monaco. (02/13/2014)

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The Syrian Kurds: A House Divided

Featured in Marine Corps University Journal. By Winston H (12/18/2013)
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Etats-Unis La catholicisation à l’époque du « shift of power »

Is there a mounting influence of Catholics and Catholicism (10/24/2012)
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Syria: Torture Centers Revealed

For 27 Detention Sites: Locations, Commanders’ Names, Tort (12/11/2011)
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Afghanistan: Securing the Future for Afghan Women

Reflects on the progress of women's rights in Afgha (12/31/2010)

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Rethinking the ‘Long War’ in Afghanistan

Optimistic view about progress in Afghanistan. By Nathanie (12/1/2010)
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Why Mubarak Is Out

Background and analysis of factors leading to Mubarak's lo (9/1/2010)
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Americans Support Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Voters recognize through a CAP poll that as our country fi (2/17/2010)
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Warming Chad-Sudan Relations Necessary for Darfur Peace

Efforts by the Chadian and Sudanese governments to mend th (2/17/2010)
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Bilateral donors and aid conditionality in post-conflict peacebuilding

Exploring the role of bilateral donors and conditional aid (1/1/2010)
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The Bearded Gentleman

Rather than assassinate Iranian citizens abroad, which pro (12/8/2009)
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The Yuan Underrated, China Overrated

America is driven by innovation. China, running like a mad (11/10/2009)
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Afghanistan in the Opinion Pages

An opinion piece concerning the validity of the recent ele (10/4/2009)
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US: Adopt Stronger Laws for Child Farmworkers

An article from Human Rights Watch, calling the U.S. to am (9/1/2009)
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U.N. Secretary General Calls Attention to the Plight of the World’s Working Poor

Ban Ki-moon calls for a global funding for a poverty monit (9/1/2009)
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Will Armenia Break Off From Russia?

The author examines the balance of power in Caucasus and c (9/1/2009)
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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: 45 Years of the Collective Muslim World’s Voice

Stumbling blocks still abound for Muslim interests through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. By Amit R. Saksena. (01/29/2015) 

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Facts Show Investigation of Turkish Media Members Warranted

A recent request by Turkish police to question selected media personnel has been met by negative media reaction.  Author says we shouldn't move so fast.  By Dr. Ali Murat Yel.  (01/26/2015)

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Parthenon Marbles: Democracy Cannot be Frittered

The time is overdue for Britain to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece. By Panos Chatzinikolaou. (01/22/2015)

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No More Foreign Affairs

The concept of Foreign Affairs has been replaced by a more global By Jack Pearce. (01/13/2015)

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Malala’s Revolution

The recent Nobel Prize winner paves the way for future progress in gender equality.  By Dr. A.C. Beyer.  (11/10/2014)

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Minds, Bodies and Feminism

Reflections on the current state of gender oppression and stereotypes. By Dr. AC Beyer (10/20/2014)

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To Make Great Strides in Health Care Improvement, Look to Education and Community

Discussion of nonprofit Spine Africa, that works to update medical equipment, facilities and medical methods in Africa.  By Dr. Richard Arjun Kaul. (07/03/2014)

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What about the Women: the Missing Voice at the Peacemaking Table

What is - and can be - the impact of women's representation in peace negotiations? By Sthelyn Romero. (05/26/2014)

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Denied Justice and Discriminated in the Face of Death – Foreign Nationals and the Death Penalty

International Commission against the Death Penalty members discuss focusing on foreign nationals and capital punishment worldwide..  By Ruth Dreifuss and Federico Mayor.  (03/03/2014)

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The Peril of Ethiopian Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia: A Life of Absolute Defenseless and Destitute

Author discusses the plight of Ethiopian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia facing human rights abuses. By Henok G. Gabisa. (11/17/2013)

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Overpopulation – the Forgotten Question

As overpopulation issues mount, the greatest impacts are on developing countries. By Anuradha Kataria. 07/12/2013
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India’s Water Woes

Examines the quantitative and qualitative water issues facing India. By Anuradha Kataria (01/27/2013)
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Human Trafficking – the Untamable Epidemic

A look at the root causes of human trafficking and possible steps to combat it. By Anuradha Kataria. (09/24/2012)
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Protests Here, Protests There: Mass Demonstrations and the State of Democracy in the U.S. & Bolivia

Author analyzes protest movements in U.S. and Bolivia and what government response says for a healthy democracy in both countries. By Nicholas A. Fromherz. (11/07/2011)
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The Second Move in the 2011 Genocide Obfuscation Gambit?

Article, critical of Turkish politics that counter any success Armenians have achieved in their quest for recognition of the Turkish genocide of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. By David Davidian. (03/10/2011)
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Women are the Pillars of Afghanistan

Author responds to op-ed by Laura Bush, and discusses steps to achieve gender equality. By Ashraf Haidari. (10/18/2010)
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Afghanistan: Never Mind the Disabled

Author looks at issues faced by disabled in Afghanistan and critiques the lack of programs to assist them. By Fahim Kairy. (01/19/2011)
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Wearing the burqa in France: questioning integration models for Muslim communities in Europe?

Author explores the complexity of the burqa issue in France. By Valentine Pasquesoone. (IA-Forum, 11/03/2009)
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A Global Plan of Action Against Human Trafficking

Ambassador Alyaksandr Sychov (Belarus) calls for a global plan of action against human trafficking and provides analysis to support it. By Ambassador Alyaksandr Sychov. (05/26/2009)
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Education is the Key to Empowering Afghan Women

Political Counselor of the Embassy of Afghanistan M. Ashraf Haidari argues for increased efforts to educate the women of Afghanistan as a primary step in ensuring greater rights. By M. Ashaf Haidari. (05/13/2009)
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Reflections on new violence in Northern Ireland

Author comments on recent Protestant extremist riots in Northern Ireland. By Dr. Christos Kyrou. (3/17/2009)
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The Complicated Task of Educating Future Leaders

A discussion of international relations eduation system and a call for Realism in the course of studies. By Alina Khasabova. (03/01/2009)
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Last Ditch in Zimbabwe

Talk(s) may be cheap, but it’s all Zimbabwe has going for it. One problem along the way: South Africa is hardly an honest broker. By Jens F. Laurson & George A. Pieler (08/06/2008)
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Humanitarian Space in Iraq?

Argues for increased international action to address the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. By S.R. Brophy. (IA-Forum, 03/11/2007)
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State of Denial: Why Japan Needs to Face Up to Its AIDS Problem

Author presents a critical analysis of the AIDS issue in Japan. By Trenton Truitt. (IA-Forum, 1/19/2007)
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Fifa has to call Zimbabwe’s bluff

Zimbabwe’s tourist authority wants “to ensure benefits from the hosting of the World Cup by South Africa”. Fifa already pledges assistance for upgrading sports stadiums to that end. Maybe they should not. By George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson. (first published on Business Day (SA), 09/01/2006)
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Why Are the Lost Boys of Sudan Still Lost?

Author discusses the plight of Sudanese refugees in the United States. By Tonya Jones. (6/22/2006)
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Anti-Humanitarian Aid

The moral case for ending assistance to Africa. By Jens F. Laurson and George A. Pieler (first published on Reason Online, 03/10/2006)
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The Case That Was

Author asks who should be held accountable after Milosevic's death; does his passing excuse him for the atrocities he committed against the citizens of Yugoslavia? By Tonya Jones. (IA-Forum, 3/13/2006)
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What if it's a Girl?

Author discusses debate over whether Japan should allow a female emperor and what this means for the status of women in Japan. By Jason Miks. (IA-Forum, 3/6/2006)
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02/27/2015: Africa in the news: U.S.-EAC trade ties deepen, Lesotho votes, and IMF loans Ghana $1 billion More
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