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Address Dedovshchina or Face the Consequences of a Weakened and Ineffective Military Apparatus

Policy memo evaluates and provides policy recommendations on the practice of harassing junior recruits by senior staff in the Russian military. By Lea Lavut. (08/13/2014)

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Cyber-Terrorism: Fact or Fiction?

Author argues cyber-terrorism remains more a product of fear mongering than concrete reality –– at least for the moment. By Sebastian J. Bae. (07/22/2014)

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Piracy: Can the War on the Seas Ever Be Won?

The current state solution models, focusing on military deterrence, have proven questionably effective in combating piracy, merely displacing it more than solving it.  By Sgt. Sebastian J. Bae.  (06/27/2014)

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The Caspian 5 and Arctic 5 – Critical Similiarities

What geopolitical issues surround the Caspian and Arctic Seas? By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (/04/22/2014)

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Dr. Yuri V. Urbanovich discusses Russia, Ukraine in IA Forum Interview

Interview with Dr. Yuri V. Urbanovich.who provides analyis of the crisis in Ukraine, Crimea, and Russia.  By Adriana Stephan. (04/16/2014)

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IA Forum Interview: Carlotta Gall, NY Times

IA-Forum interviews NYT’s reporter, Carlotta Gall, on her new book, The Wrong Enemy, and her thirteen years of reporting on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North Africa. By Cynthia Iris (04/14/02014)

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Hell on Earth: The Use of Drones in Pakistan and the Socio-Economic and Psychological Issues

Paper explores impact on the everyday life of broader populations that live through the trauma of drones.  By Mahmood Ahmad. (04/04/2014)

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The Market for War

An analysis of Private Military Contractors and risks associated with them.  By Barclay Bram Shoemaker. (03/18/2014)

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Interview with Dr. Cornelia Beyer, author of Inequality and Violence

An interview with Anna Cornelia Beyer, University of Hull. Author of Inequality and Violence: A Reappraisal or Man, the State and War (Ashgate: Forthcoming). (12/04/2013)
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IA Forum Interview: Linda Robinson

Cynthia Iris interviews Linda Robinson on her new book,One Hundred Victories: Special Ops and the Future of Warfare (2013). By Cynthia Iris (11/04/2013)

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Critical Similarities and Differences in SS of Asia and Europe

Policy paper offers several policy incentives why the largest world’s continent must consider creation of the comprehensive pan-Asian institution. By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (05/02/2013)
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Air Diplomacy: Engaging China

Can air diplomacy diminish the distrust and suspicion that currently permeates Sino-American relations? Adam B. Lowther and Guocheng Jiang. (01/11/2013)
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Bombing Iran's Nuclear Enrichment Facilities

A skeptical look at intervention scenarios to thwart the Iranian nuclear program. By Marvin Baker Schaffer (07/30/2012)
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The Return of Dr. Strangelove: How austerity makes us stop worrying and love the bomb…and cyber war

What does the future hold for effective deterrence policy? By Jan Kallberg and Adam Lowther. (07/25/2012)
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The Forum - Summer 2012 Issue - China

In our latest issue of The Forum, experts discuss China's ambitions and worldview, security policy, and exchange rate issue. (06/28/2012)
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How Washington Can Bolster Iraq

The events in Iraq affect core U.S. interests, and (8/13/2014)

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War-Weary America Has to Show Its Steel in Iraq

The United States should carry out sustained attacks on (8/12/2014)

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The Slippery Slope of U.S. Intervention

Micah Zenko discusses the intentions of past U.S. milit (8/11/2014)

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Press Conference by President Obama on Iraq

President Barack Obama held a press conference on Augus (8/9/2014)

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Remarks by Secretary Hagel at the Observer Research Foundation

On (8/9/2014)

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Japanese Ministry of Defense White Paper: Defense of Japan 2014

On August 5, 2014, Japan's Ministry of Defense released (8/6/2014)

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The Israel-Gaza Crisis: Three Things to Know

The violence in Gaza is likely to continue until a thir (8/4/2014)

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The White House Must Delegate More National Security, Officials Say

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon discusses the Obama administration (8/4/2014)

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Evaluating U.S. Options for Iraq

In his testimony before the House Armed Services Commit (7/29/2014)

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A Strategy for Defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq

In his testimony before the House Armed Services Commit (7/29/2014)

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The Global Security Deficit

A. Michael Spence writes that politica (7/25/2014)

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Bipartisan Policy Center: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary of The 9/11 Commission Report

On July 22, 2014, Former 9/11 Commission Members releas (7/22/2014)

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President Obama's Statement on Ukraine and Gaza

President Barack Obama spoke on July 21, 2014, about th (7/21/2014)

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Why the Ukraine Separatists Screwed Up: Badly Organized Insurgents Can’t Master Complex Weapons Syst

Stephen Biddle and Ivan Oelrich argue that accurately d (7/21/2014)

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Britain’s Cowardice Threatens Our Security

The British Empire "created many of today's global conf (7/19/2014)

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India-Pakistan Detente: Positive Note

Do recent events point to an unflawing for Indian-Pakistan relations? By Dr. Kashi N Pandita. (01/24/2014)

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US Policy Options for Iraq and the ISIS Threat

Recent development in Iraq leave the US in a precarious place.  What are its options? By Andrew Kelly.  (07/04/2014)

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Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention in Syria and the Law of Use of Force: The US or the UN?

Legally, can the use of force on the basis of humanitarian grounds be used in Syria? By Henok Gabisa. (09/11/2013)
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Is American Power Truly Declining?

Contrary to some viewe, American military, economic and diplomatic power is not declining. By Zachary K. Ochoa. (07/18/2013)
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How Tehran Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb

How did Iran's nuclear policy evolve and what is the policy outlook for the 2013 elections? By Anne-Laure Barbosa. (03/21/2013)
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Frictions in the South China Sea - Chinese strategic mistake

Author argues Chinese military buildup will only strengthen existing bilateral security deals of neighboring countries and open new ones, primarily with the US. By Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (05/20/2012)
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Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?

Author examines current military situation in Afghanistan and prospect for removing Western troops by 2014. By Michael Orfanos. (05/23/2011)
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Two End States in Afghanistan: Somalia of Asia or the Turkey of the East

Author presents analysis of current situation in Afghanistan and asks which direction policies will steer the country toward. By Davood Moradian. (10/18/2010)
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The Lawless Fighting the Lawless

Author analyzes issues about combating piracy on the high seas, including the use of private military firms. By Shaun Randol. (01/02/2009)
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Taiwan-China thaw overshadows deep Taiwan-Japan ties

Author looks at relations between Taiwan and Japan in light of Taiwan's new administration. By Jason Miks (This article first appeared in World Politics Review)
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Back to the (Policy) Future, Or: The Vagaries of International Relations

Selling arms simultaneously to Saudi-Arabia and Israel is hardly new in America's foreign policy. But critics of this White House wonder how this new plan can be squared with the "Bush Doctrine". By Jens F. Laurson and George A. Pieler (12/28/2007)
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Joint African Union-United Nations Peacekeeping Efforts: A Dangerous Liaison?

Explores peacekeeping efforts by the African Union and United Nations; and provides a solution to optimize effectiveness in the short term. By Runa Reta. (09/20/2007)
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Bush Might Want Another Go at “Democratizing” Iraq

Author critiques possible US troop increases. By Claude Salhani. (IA-Forum, 12/22/2006)
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Africa: The Next Boon for Private Military Firms?

Author discusses private military firms (PMFs) in Africa and issues concerning their involvement there. By Shaun Randol. (02/04/2009)
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Seaborne again

As Japan looks to take on a more active regional security role, some wonder if the build up of the nation's coast guard might be one way of doing so without upsetting the neighbors. By Jason Miks (Article originally appeared in The Diplomat)
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