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Address Dedovshchina or Face the Consequences of a Weakened and Ineffective Military Apparatus

Policy memo evaluates and provides policy recommendations on the practice of harassing junior recruits by senior staff in the Russian military. By Lea Lavut. (08/13/2014)

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IA-Forum Interview: Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr.

IA-Forum speaks with Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr. about American interventionism and his book, "Chasing Ghosts". (IA-Forum, 11/16/2007)
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Neutrality, Common Foreign and Security Policy, and The Fourth Pillar of the European Union

Paper that discusses some of the obstacles facing the EU's development of a Common Foreign and Security Policy. By Karen Petersen, Vanderbilt University. (8/15/2004)
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Netanyahu and the sanctioning of Iran

Thomas Evans asks why Israel looks unlikely to gain suppor (2/25/2010)
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Americans Support Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

Voters recognize through a CAP poll that as our country fi (2/17/2010)
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Slimming Down the Defense Budget

The federal government can and should do more to rein in s (2/2/2010)
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This I Believe (re: Afghanistan)

The author can’t agree with President Obama’s decision to (12/1/2009)
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Money Can't Buy America Love

Millions of dollars are being pumped into hearts and minds (12/1/2009)
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Vision for Victory in Afghanistan - Part II

The news from Afghanistan all year has been dispiriting, a (11/18/2009)
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'Strategic reassurance' that isn't

For an administration that has announced "we are back" aft (11/10/2009)
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An Israeli Strike on Iran

This Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Mem (11/1/2009)
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Get Nasty or Go Home

Recent arguments for the War in Afghanistan have focused o (10/12/2009)
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A Better Missile Defense for a Safer Europe

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates defends the shift in mis (9/19/2009)
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Afghanistan Is the New Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been compared to America's fail (9/4/2009)
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Battle Begins When Fighting Ends in Pakistan

To be sure, the fighting isn’t over, but the hard part is (9/1/2009)
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Moscow's Security Plans Face Reality Check

Russia renews pledges to prop up its bilateral strategic p (8/6/2009)
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Comparing the U.S. and Soviet Experiences in Afghanistan

The current conflict in Afghanistan may hold parallels to (7/24/2009)
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Ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

The US Military needs to end their draconian bans of LGBT (6/24/2009)
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