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IA-Forum Interview: Federiga Bindi

IA Forum discusses issues concerning Italy with Federiga Bindi, Director of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome Tor Vergata and visiting fellow at the Brookings Institute. By Valentine Pasquesoone. (03/22/2009)
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IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Jolyon Howorth

Dr. Jolyon Howorth discusses EU security issues including the Libya crisis and NATO. (06/28/2011)
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Macedonia: Challenges ahead

Author discusses issues facing the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. By Zhidas Daskalovski. (IA-Forum, 10/01/2009)
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IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Donald C.F. Daniel

IA-Forum speaks with Dr. Donald C.F. Daniel about peacekeeping and the book he co-edited, Peace Operations: Trends, Progress, and Prospects. (IA-Forum, 09/07/2009)
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European Ballistic Missile Defense: Competing Interests and Reluctant Partners

Author provides analysis of the European Ballistic Missile Defense issue and its impact on the key players involved. By Elizabeth Zolotukhina. (03/24/2009)
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IA-Forum Interview: Rebecca Moore

IA-Forum speaks with Rebecca Moore, author of "NATO's New Mission: Projecting Stability in a Post-Cold War World," about changes in the organization. (IA-Forum, 07/04/2008)
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IA-Forum Interview: Prof. David Chandler

IA-Forum speaks with Prof. David Chandler about Western interventions in the name of promoting democracy. By Katharine Slocombe (IA-Forum, 03/17/2008)
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IA Forum Interview: Dr. Hall Gardner

International Affairs Forum talks about NATO, transatlantic relations, and security issues with Dr. Hall Gardner, Professor and Chair, International Affairs Department, American University of Paris. Author of American Global Strategy and the War on Terrorism (IA-Forum, 5/17/2005).
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Addicted to Contractors

The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afgha (12/1/2009)
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Vision for Victory in Afghanistan - Part I

The news from Afghanistan all year has been dispiriting, a (11/18/2009)
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Vision for Victory in Afghanistan - Part II

The news from Afghanistan all year has been dispiriting, a (11/18/2009)
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Deployments and Diplomacy

More troops is a start. But to win in Afghanistan, US will (10/1/2009)
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Missile defense and Turkey’s dilemma

An article about the abandonment of missile defense progra (9/1/2009)
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How Not To End A War

Mikhail Gorbachev called Afghanistan “our bleeding wound”. (8/1/2009)
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Focus and Exit: An Alternative Strategy for the Afghan War

With a resurgent Taliban, a shift in strategy is drastical (7/24/2009)
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Afghanistan: Post-Taliban Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy

In this comprehensive report, Kenneth Katzman discusses th (7/24/2009)
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Comparing the U.S. and Soviet Experiences in Afghanistan

The current conflict in Afghanistan may hold parallels to (7/24/2009)
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NATO's Political Demarche

Russia's heated reaction to the NATO-sponsored training ex (4/21/2009)
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Afghanistan Report: A Ten-Year Framework for the Future

Chairman of the Institute for State Effectiveness and form (4/1/2009)
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Turkey and Russia on the Rise

Although Turkey and Russia face many of the same challenge (3/17/2009)
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Eastern Partnership: The West's Final Assault On the Former Soviet Union

Energy concerns primarily drive the European Union's advan (2/13/2009)
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Russia and Iran's Missiles

Even though Moscow claims to welcome the Obama administrat (2/1/2009)
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Flipping the Taliban

The deployment of more U.S. troops to Afghanistan is neces (12/1/2008)
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How Russia, China, and IS Have Made the US Popular Again

Allies and partners are looking to the United States in ways not seen since the Cold War.  By Rob Spalding and Adam Lowther. (The Diplomat, 06/29/2015)

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NATO, Russia, and the Security Dilemma

Is a security dilemma moving forward between NATO and Russia?  By Robert Souza.  (07/17/2015)

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A Global NATO

Broadening NATO, and including Russia, would be another step forward to achieve global peace.  By Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer.  (04/13/2015)

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Was Ukrainian Crisis a result of NATO Eastward Expansion?

Ukraine is a primary comopent of Putin's concern against NATO’s expansion policy towards the CIS. By Sandeep Tripathi. (03/16/2015)

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The New Leaders are the EU’s Response

Contrary to many who belive the EU has done little in reaction to the Ukrainian crisis, its response has been made.  By Panos Chatzinikolaou. (09/08/2014)

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Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?

Author examines current military situation in Afghanistan and prospect for removing Western troops by 2014. By Michael Orfanos. (05/23/2011)
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Will NATO Prove Itself in Afghanistan?

Author analyzes NATO's efforts in Afghanistan to bring peace and stabilty. By M. Patel. (IA-Forum, 04/22/2009)
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In Search of its Mission: NATO and the Ukraine

Russia's resistance should not be a determining factor - either contra or pro - in the Ukraine's quest to be a member of NATO. By Jens F. Laurson and George A. Pieler (IA-Forum, 04/17/2008)
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