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The Muslim Brotherhood and Their Relationship with Iran

A historical examination of the Muslim Brotherhood's relationship with Iran. By Mohammed Salama.  (01/16/2015)

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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East

Authors introduce analytical framework of 'incipient societies' to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring”. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration. By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D.
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P5+1, Iran-US Cooperation, and the Future of Iraq

Paper explores P5+1 implications. By Jill Ricotta. (07/28/2015)

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Saudi Arabia: The Forgotten Land of the Arab Spring

Paper seeks to explain the underlying reasons for the Saudi government’s success in maintaining power throughout the Arab Spring. By Numan Aksoy. (07/22/2015)

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The Yuan Standard; Internationalization and Impending Inclusion in SDRs

Paper explores internationalization of the Yuan and its impending inclusion in Special Drawing Rights.  By Alex Davis.  (07/14/2015)

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Globalization and Nationalism in China

Paper explores the growing concern about nationalism in China. By Ying Chen.  (07/08/2015)

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Outsourcing Jihadists and Putin’s Foreign Policy

Essay analyzes Russian terrorism policy in the Middle East and Caucasus. By Prof. Dmitry V. Shlapentokh. (07/01/2015)

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Why the Bear is Back in Vietnam

Russian-Vietnam relations are warming up.  What are the reasons and ramifications?  By Rakesh Krishnan Simha.  (06/25/2015)

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Reconsidering Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia – Past, Present and Future

What has the impact of nuclear weapons had on Indian-Pakistani conflict?  By Dr. Mischa Hansel. (05/12/2015)

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 03/16/2015

In this week’s GRI Risk Outlook: Nuclear talks with Iran,  possible increases in interest rates, Israeli PM Netanyahu faces reelection hiccups, and more. (Global Risk Outlook, 03/16/2015)

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Sectarian Rise in Pakistan: Role of Saudi Arabia and Iran

Paper analyzes Pakistan's issue of sectarian divides and offers solutions. By Zulqarnain Khan. (03/05/2015)

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China’s Minor(ity) Problem

What are the reasons for increased violence between the Chinese government and minority groups?  By Tristan Abbott. (03/03/2015) 

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Middle East Defense Spending Fuels Security Dilemma

MENA defense spending is expected reach $920 billion despite low oil prices. Is longer-term trend of spending risks instigating an unsettling arms race? By Madeleine Moreau. (Global Risk Insights, 01/21/2015)

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Rise of China: The Debate and a Theoretical Analysis

Paper analyzes different viewpoints about the rise of China and whether it will do so peacefully. By Zeyu Peng. (01/15/2014)

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EU-China Trade Hampered by EU Divisions

The unbalanced China-EU business relationship can be seen as the outcome of a divided EU and an opportunistic China. But there is scope for improvement. By Nicolas Jenny. (Global Risk Insights, 12/21/2014)

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The Syrian Kurds: A House Divided

Featured in Marine Corps University Journal. By Winston H (12/18/2013)
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Calling Off America’s Bombs

It is time for the US to help stop the killing in Syria. (9/1/2013)
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The great American betrayal

However else it is dressed up, the reality is that the wor (3/1/2013)
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Could two become one?

Israel’s right, frustrated Palestinians and assorted idea (3/1/2013)
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Analysis of oil reserve political effects in Iraq and pot (9/12/2012)
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The Next Putin Presidency

Vladimir Putin's third term as Russia's president could be (5/7/2012)
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Demystifying the Chinese Economy

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The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – At the Heart of the Global Nuclear Debate

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A Conversation with General Martin Dempsey

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The Euro-Exit Taboo

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The Drivers of Insecurity in Mauritania

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What's Behind the Bombings in Ukraine?

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Economic and Political Challenges in the Philippines

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The Unspectacular Future of the IAEA Additional Protocol

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North Korea: The Mouse that Roared

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Competing Orientations for the Near and Middle East

How can the United States best promote a peaceful and productive Middle East?  By Jack Pearce. (03/23/2015)

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The Future of Turkey after the Last Elections: the Kurdish question and the economic outlook

Where does Turkey stand after its last parliamentary elections?  By Diego Del Priore. (, 07/29/2015)

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How Russia, China, and IS Have Made the US Popular Again

Allies and partners are looking to the United States in ways not seen since the Cold War.  By Rob Spalding and Adam Lowther. (The Diplomat, 06/29/2015)

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NATO, Russia, and the Security Dilemma

Is a security dilemma moving forward between NATO and Russia?  By Robert Souza.  (07/17/2015)

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Abandoning the Political Realist Tradition

What's the true problem afflicting the Middle East? By Ghassan Abdallah. (07/07/2015)

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The Art of Subtle Denial

Sectarian strife in the Muslim world and its ramifications. By K.N. Pandita. (07/02/2015)

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What is ISIL All About, and what are its Prospects?

An examination of ISIL and where it's heading.  By Jack Pearce. (06/27/2015)

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China’s Lucky Decade

From Bush to Obama: Has the U.S. failed to contain China?  By James Yan. (06/25/2015)

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Collateral effect of a Romania and Moldova Union

What are the potential effects and prospects for a Romania-Modova union?  By Georgii Kukhaleishvili. (06/02/2015)

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Zeman-Putin: bonded by business

What can be taken from Czech President Milosh Zeman's recent statement about Russia? By Georgii Kukhaleishvili. (05/25/2015)

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Syria: Four Years On

It's been four years since the Syrian Civil War began.  A look at its history and a look forward.  By Rafael Panlilio. (03/26/2015)

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What to do about Syria?

The best way towards solving Syria is not through military violence. By Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer

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Was Ukrainian Crisis a result of NATO Eastward Expansion?

Ukraine is a primary comopent of Putin's concern against NATO’s expansion policy towards the CIS. By Sandeep Tripathi. (03/16/2015)

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Imperative of an EU-Russia Strategic Reset

It's time to rethink the EU-Russia relationship.  By Eirini Patsea. (03/09/2015)

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Do Taliban Threaten Us?

What threat does the still Taliban present in the region?  By Kashi Pandit. (03/06/2015)

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Can Afghanistan Avoid the History of Ethnic Subjugation?

Ghani’s inner circle is harming his ability to speak for all Afghans.  By Ali Reza Sarwar (03/03/2015). 

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What does Putin Want, and How To Handle Him?

What are Putin's objectives and what's limiting him? And how should the West respond?  By Jack Pearce. (02/25/2015)

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Does the World Need a Trusteeship for Saudi Arabia (and a new vision for Iraq and Iran?)

The benefits of a Royal buyout.  By Jack Pearce. (01/29/2015)

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Human nature, international hierarchies and ISIS

Using psychology to understand states and groups like ISIS better.  By Dr. A.C. Beyer. (11/14/2014)

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Turkey has much to lose in Kobani

Author says Turkey can't afford to not get involved in Kobani. By Brady Jewett. (Global Risk Insights,10/29/2014)

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Will outside conflict hurt Poland’s economic growth?

Analysis of the effect of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the Polish economy.  By Brian Daigle (10/22/2014, Global Risk Insights).

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The Northern Sea Route: Passage to a Sea of Opportunities

What are the advantages and challenges of a Northern Sea Route?  Plenty, says author. By Ajay Anil Cherian .(10/13/2014)

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Pakistan Restructuring Regional Strategy

Author argues that Kashmir is threatend by infliltration by the Afghan Taliban, protected by the Pakistan Army.  By Kashi N Pandita. (09/27/2014)

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How to Pull Turkey into the Anti-ISIL Coalition

Turkey has been pressured by the West to join the coalition against ISIS. Now that the elections are over and its hostages have been freed, it might just happen.  By Murat Ulgul.  (first appeared in Turkey Agenda, 09/26/2014)

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The New Leaders are the EU’s Response

Contrary to many who belive the EU has done little in reaction to the Ukrainian crisis, its response has been made.  By Panos Chatzinikolaou. (09/08/2014)

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Calling Off High Level Meeting

What was behing New Delhi’s decision of calling off the foreign secretary level meeting between India and Pakistan?  By Kashinath Pandit. (08/25/2014)

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'Moral blackmail' still stifles debate on Israel

Accusations of anti-Semitism against those who criticise Israel aim to curb debate on its crimes against Palestinians. By Abukar Arman (first appeared in Al Jazeera). (08/16/2014)

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I Stand for Humanity

The author calls on the American Jewsih community to take another look at the Palestinian humanitarian crisis. By Rebecca Harris. (08/11/2014)

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US Policy Options for Iraq and the ISIS Threat

Recent development in Iraq leave the US in a precarious place.  What are its options? By Andrew Kelly.  (07/04/2014)

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The Fall of Mosul and the Resulting Convergence of U.S. and Iranian Interests

Is Baghdad next on the path of ISIS? By Lefteri John Christodulelis. (06/24/2014)

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