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The Muslim Brotherhood and Their Relationship with Iran

A historical examination of the Muslim Brotherhood's relationship with Iran. By Mohammed Salama.  (01/16/2015)

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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East

Authors introduce analytical framework of 'incipient societies' to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring”. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration. By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D.
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Chinese Foreign Policy in East Asia: A 2016 Assessment of Strategy and Goals

An analysis of China’s strategy and policy goals for advancing its interests in East Asia and its potential impacts. By Daniel Urchick. (01/09/2016)

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COIN: the effectiveness of counterinsurgency strategies in Afghanistan from 2001 until 2014

Analysis of counerinsurgency strategies used in Afghanistan. By Nathan Down. (12/24/2016)

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Boiling Frogs of the ASEAN

Chinese economic and military power strategies in the South China Sea.  By Eric Szandzik. (12/16/2016)

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End of nuclear monopoly, Israeli dreams for regional hegemony?

Would the rise of a nuclear Iran restore regional balance and hinder Israel’s hegemonic moves? By Arslan Ayan. (11/30/2016)

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A Safe Haven or Route for New Conflict

Analyis of Safe Haven, an explicit favoring of one religion/ ethnic group against another in the face of atrocities committed by ISIS. By Mustafa Akhwand. (09/30/2016)

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MENA Region: Colonial Dependence versus Regional Interdependence

MENA colonial historial must be understood to gain a proper understanding of its current circumstances. By Dr. Bendebka Ramzi. (09/05/2016)

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Iran, Saudi Arabia and Mideast Peace

An examination of Iranian-Saudi relations and what they mean for the Middle East peace process. By Dr. Mohammed Nuruzzaman . (08/28/2016)

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Examination of Saudi-Iranian relations and their potential impact on the Middle East. By Dr. Mohammed Nuruzzaman. (08/28/2016)

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Power Games in the South China Sea

A history and analysis of power games currently played regarding the South China Sea. By Ashna Joy. (08/22/2016)

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Will Afghanistan’s Lone Fighter Succeed?

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani is fighting wars on multiple fronts. What are his prospects for success? By Ali Reza Sarwar. (07/27/2016)

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Toward More Hostile Cross-Strait Relations: President Tsai’s Tight Rope Diplomacy Unravels

A look at recent developments in China-Taiwan relations and the political position of President Tsai Ing-wen. By Justin Cheung. (07/15/2016)

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Post-Umbrella, Pre-2017 and 2047 - the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) Election

Essay maps the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) Election in relation to the HKSAR’s past, present, and future. By Xiaoyi Xu. (07/04/2016)

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Terror Incidents and the Syrian Dilemma in International Affairs

A proposal for a random-based federalized solution to the problem. By Prof. Dr. Matthias Klumpp. (07/01/2016)

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Brazil on the global stage

Harold Trinkunas, senior fellow and director of the Latin (8/5/2016)
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Brazil and the international order: Getting back on track

Crisis seems to be the byword for Brazil today: politic (6/29/2016)

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The Syrian Kurds: A House Divided

Featured in Marine Corps University Journal. By Winston H (12/18/2013)
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Calling Off America’s Bombs

It is time for the US to help stop the killing in Syria. (9/1/2013)
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The great American betrayal

However else it is dressed up, the reality is that the wor (3/1/2013)
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Could two become one?

Israel’s right, frustrated Palestinians and assorted idea (3/1/2013)
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Analysis of oil reserve political effects in Iraq and pot (9/12/2012)
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The Next Putin Presidency

Vladimir Putin's third term as Russia's president could be (5/7/2012)
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China: What's Next

Special report looking ahead at China's economy, policies, (12/31/2010)
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Afghanistan: Rethinking Humanitarian Assistance

Author argues that development can lead the way for humani (12/31/2010)
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Afghanistan: Securing the Future for Afghan Women

Reflects on the progress of women's rights in Afgha (12/31/2010)

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Rethinking the ‘Long War’ in Afghanistan

Optimistic view about progress in Afghanistan. By Nathanie (12/1/2010)
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Why Mubarak Is Out

Background and analysis of factors leading to Mubarak's lo (9/1/2010)
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Can Afghanistan Afford to Survive?

Despite the Obama administration’s claims of success, Afgh (9/1/2010)
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Explaining Kim Jong-il’s Tantrums

Frozen out of talks and wanting attention, the Kim regime (9/1/2010)
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Competing Orientations for the Near and Middle East

How can the United States best promote a peaceful and productive Middle East?  By Jack Pearce. (03/23/2015)

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The North Korean Nuclear Clock and Donald Trump

How will the incoming Trump administration handle North Korea's nuclear threat? By Elodie Pichon. (01/09/2016)

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Is the Middle-East Ready to Welcome Trump?

Examining the effects on a Trump administration''s policies on the Middle East. By Adarsh Vijay. (01/08/2016)

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Sino-Russian neighborhood policy: Kazakhstan – Euroasian heart of gold

Kazakhstan is placed to be a Euo-Asian center. Can it achieve that goal?  By Filippo Romeo. (12/28/2016)

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So who REALLY won the election: Vladimir Putin, perhaps?

As it stands, the ultimate winner of the alleged Russian cyber hack on US elections is Vladimir Putin. By Tim Holmgren. (12/20/2016)

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Power and Opportunity: Turkish Strategic Positioning from Northern Syria through Iraqi Kurdistan

A look at Turkey's strategic positioning in the Middle East. By David Davidian. (11/28/2016)

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Major Global Challenges 25 Years After the USSR’s Collapse

With the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union, a look at its global effects.  By Nicholas Hudson. (11/21/2016)

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Expanding Japanese Military Presence in Djibouti: Challenging the Growing Chinese Security Framework

What does the expanded Japanese installation in Djibouti say about Sino-Japanese influence? By Justin Cheung. (11/20/2016)

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Sino-US relations – Recalibration or Repetition?

What is the future for US-China relations? By Qi Lin. (11/18/2016)

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The U.S. – Saudi relationship in a post Iranian Nuclear Deal world

Thoughts on US-Saudi relations in light of the Iranian Nuclear Deal. By Ben Butcher. (11/07/2016)

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Italy and Egypt: from Regeni to Libya, the difficult path towards normalization

What is the road ahead for Italian - Egyptian relations? By Daniele Scalea. (09/26/2016)

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The Specter of Kazakh Instability: Heightened Stakes of Sino-Russian Interests in the Steppes

What does the threat of instability in Kazakhstan mean for her two largest neighbors: China and Russia?  By Justin Cheung. (09/13/2016)

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The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM): What Next?

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement is in shambles.  What's next for it? By Dr. Sohail Mahmood. (09/03/2015)

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The Uighur Issue

Impacts of the Uighur actions. By Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori. (05/17/2016)

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Asia Week New York: Creating a New Cultural Touchstone

Cultural diplomacy via Asia Week New York affected by smuggled art and China's economic slowdown. By Steven Meyers. (05/13/2016)

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North Korean Submarine Conducts Ballistic Missile Test

A dangerous development that dampens Korean relations. By Seth Berman. (05/02/2016)

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The Threat of MANPAD Proliferation

Shoud Man-Portable Anti-Air Defense (MANPADs) be given to Syrian rebels? By Seth Berman. (04/27/2016


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Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Looking at Modi's upcoming visit to the Middle East and what can be accomplished. By K.N. Pandita.  (04/04/2016)

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Will Iran’s Reformists’ Electoral Gains Lead to Détente with the West?

What are the propects for the Iranian Reformists’ enthusiasm to re-engage with the West?.  By Dr. Mohammed Nuruzzaman. (03/21/2016)

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Raise Your Glass My Friend and Let us Celebrate!

A look at alcohol in Western Civilization, and its current effect on Russia. By Michael Akerib. (03/14/2016)

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The Recent Death Sentences in Saudi Arabia

Underlying issues surrounding recent executions in Saudi Arabia. By Giancarlo Elia Valori. (01/11/2016)

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U.S. Should Conclude the Negotiation on Rules for Aerial Encounters with China

Author argues that the United States should conclude the negotiations with China on an agreed code of conduct for aerial encounters.  By Han Guo.  (11/17/2015) 

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The U.S. Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific and Sino-U.S. Relations

The U.S. needs a more constructive approach to Sino relations to achieve a prosperous and secure Asia-Pacific.  By Qi Lin.  (11/09/2015)

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Russian Adventurism, or Maintaining the Status Quo?

Don't be so quick to call Russia's actions agressive, writes Danny Hawkins. (11/04/2015)

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Kremlin’s Battling with Islamic State or Search for New Role

What factors are behind the Russian move in Syria? By Sandeep Tripathi. (10/19/2015)

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China and Russia on Mutual Leverages

What's the current status of the Russia-China strategic partnership? By Ipshita Bhattacharya. (10/15/2015)

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Leveraging the Iranian Agreement

Thoughts on how to leverage the Iranian Agreement into greater long term, stable productivity in the Middle East.  By Jack Pearce. (10/05/2015)

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China’s “Victory Day Parade”: Symbolism and Significance

China’s military parade symbolized much more than military prowess to the world. By Amrita Jash.  (09/21/2015)

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Why is Hamid Karzai not happy with Ashraf Ghani?

What are the reasons Hamid Karzai is not happy with Asharf Ghani's leadership of Afghanistan?  By Ali Reza Sarwar. (09/14/2015)

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The Future of Turkey after the Last Elections: the Kurdish question and the economic outlook

Where does Turkey stand after its last parliamentary elections?  By Diego Del Priore. (, 07/29/2015)

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