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Macedonia: Challenges ahead

Author discusses issues facing the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. By Zhidas Daskalovski. (IA-Forum, 10/01/2009)
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IA-Forum Interview: Mr. Branko Crvenkovski, President of the Republic of Macedonia

IA Forum discusses issues in Macedonia and the Balkans with Mr. Branko Crvenkovski, the President of the Republic of Macedonia. By Violeta Dzoleva. (12/11/2008)
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International Affairs Forum Interview: Macedonian Parliament Member Liljana Popovska

Interview with Macedonian Parliament Member Liljana Popovska (Democratic Renewal of Macedonia) (in Macedonian). By Violeta Dzoleva, (IA-Forum, 5/15/2006)
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IA-Forum Interview: Tito Petkovski

IA-Forum speaks with Tito Petkovski, President of the New Social Democratic Party in the Republic of Macedonia. (written in Macedonian) By Violeta Dzoleva. (IA-Forum, 3/22/2006)
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IA Forum Interview: Dr. Ljupco Jordanovski

Dr. Ljupco Jordanovski, the current Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, speaks about the work of the Macedonian Parliament, his relations with the Macedonian media and the future of Macedonia. (The interview transcript is in Macedonian language) By Violeta Dzoleva (IA-Forum, 05/04/05)
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IA Forum Interview: Mr. Ylber Hysa

IA-Forum speaks with Mr. Ylber Hysa, a member of the Kosovo Parliament, Vice President of the Kosovo Progressive movement “ORA”, and political analyst in the Balkans. He is also currently a visiting Fulbright Scholar at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC. (1/18/2005)
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IA-Forum Interview: His Excellency Kiro Gligorov, the former President of the Republic of Macedonia

His Excellency Kiro Gligorov, the former President of the Republic of Macedonia, discusses the Balkan conflict and his experiences. 12/20/2004. By Violeta Dzoleva and Jasen Zubcevik with special thanks to Dr. Julie Mertus.
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Kosova: Cka më tutje?

Article discussing Albanian-Serbian issues in Kosovo. (written in Albanian). By Mr. Samet Dalipi, Fulbright Scholar, American University. (IA-Forum, 11/05/2004)
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What Next in the Western Balkans

Speech given by Borut Grgic, FP advisor to the Government of Slovenia to the Atlantic Council of the United States. (7/21/2004)
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Linking Peace, Security and Durable Solutions in a Multi-Ethnic Society: The Case of Kosovo

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The Proxy War Problem in Syria

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How The Hague Courts and Tribunals Protect Human Rights

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Women Responding to War

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The Frontiers of Europe : A Transatlantic Problem?

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Incorporating Protection into Humanitarian Action: Approaches and Limits

Editor's Note: In a presentation to a confer (11/4/2010)

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Macedonia-Greece Issue

Interview with Greek official about the Greek-Macedonia is (2/6/2010)
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The Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons

Chairperson, Excellencies, distinguished Delegat (10/26/2009)

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Peace, Reconciliation, and Displacement


Displace (7/7/2009)

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Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Serbia

Distinguished Members of this House,

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Protracted Displacement in Europe

President of the Parliamentary Assembly,
Mada (6/24/2009)

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Mass Displacement Caused by Conflicts and One-Sided Violence


Massive displaceme (6/8/2009)

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The Future of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement


Although it is har (12/31/2008)

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Guiding Principle 29 and the Right to Restitution


At the time that t (12/31/2008)

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Frontiers of Europe

Event Information

December (12/16/2008)

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Recognizing an Independent Kosovo?

Author discusses the international community's divisions over, and possible fallout from, Kosovo's self-declaration of independence. By Dr. Dale Mineshima-Lowe. (02/20/2008)
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The Case That Was

Author asks who should be held accountable after Milosevic's death; does his passing excuse him for the atrocities he committed against the citizens of Yugoslavia? By Tonya Jones. (IA-Forum, 3/13/2006)
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A View of the Language of Ethnic Minorities in Science and Higher Education in Macedonia

The origin of citizens in European societies is heterogeneous from ethnical, linguistic, confessional, or a racial aspect. By Maria Milosevska (IA-Forum, 11/08/2004)
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Decentralization, or Euro-Discrimination?

Generally, minorities in the United States often take pride with the fact they are all equal under the law, regardless of their historical or ethnic background. This means that discrimination in the United States, based on race or ethnicity, by the government is generally illegal. By Steve Gligorov, J.D. and Metodija A. Koloski. (11/05/2004)
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Is a U.S. Embassy Sanctioning the Destruction of a National Monument?

The Macedonian-American community expresses anger over the U.S. decision to build the new U.S. Embassy in the archaeologically historic area known as Fortress Kale Gradiste. By Steve Gligorov and Metodija A. Koloski. (09/09/2004)
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