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The Yuan Standard; Internationalization and Impending Inclusion in SDRs

Paper explores internationalization of the Yuan and its impending inclusion in Special Drawing Rights.  By Alex Davis.  (07/14/2015)

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Globalization and Nationalism in China

Paper explores the growing concern about nationalism in China. By Ying Chen.  (07/08/2015)

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China’s Minor(ity) Problem

What are the reasons for increased violence between the Chinese government and minority groups?  By Tristan Abbott. (03/03/2015) 

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Rise of China: The Debate and a Theoretical Analysis

Paper analyzes different viewpoints about the rise of China and whether it will do so peacefully. By Zeyu Peng. (01/15/2014)

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EU-China Trade Hampered by EU Divisions

The unbalanced China-EU business relationship can be seen as the outcome of a divided EU and an opportunistic China. But there is scope for improvement. By Nicolas Jenny. (Global Risk Insights, 12/21/2014)

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China-Egypt Partnership Fraught With Political Risk

Egypt is aggressively courting China to attract more investment and stabilise the already fragile economy. But Beijing must proceed with caution. (Global Risk Insights, 12/20/2014)

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Jordan-Israel Energy Deal Faces Public Opposition

With a struggling economy, Jordan must strike a careful balance between controversial energy deals and meaningful public appeasement. (Global Risk Insights, 12/18/2014)

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Is China Afghanistan’s new best friend?

What are the chances for success and pitfalls for a China-Afghanistan partnership? By Ernesto Gallo.  (Global Risk Insights, 11/20/2014)

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This is not 1989

Contrary to what many believe, recent protests in Hong Kong to not compare well to Tiannanmen Square.  By Barclay Bram Shoemaker. (10/08/2014)

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China is What States Make of It: Evaluating the Possibility of “Peaceful Rise”

Paper evaluates the potential for China’s peaceful rise within the rubric of Alexander Wendt’s constructivist theory. By Barcley Bram Shoemaker. (07/14/2015)

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Should China Declare a War On Terror?

China is experiencing a growing number of terrorists incidents.  How should it respond? By Barclay Bram Shoemaker. (06/17/2014)

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Air Diplomacy: Engaging China

Can air diplomacy diminish the distrust and suspicion that currently permeates Sino-American relations? Adam B. Lowther and Guocheng Jiang. (01/11/2013)
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Impoverished to Ravenous – 21st Century China and Sustainable Development

Author examines impacts of development on China's sustainable development needs. By Anuradha Kataria. (07/19/2012)
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Chinese Exchange rate, the US current account deficit, and the Global imbalance

Authors analyze the Chinese exhange rate, US current account deficit, and consideration of a more aligned and flexible RMB exchange rate. By Dr. Jinzhao Chen and Dr. Xingwang
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China’s Security Policy in Africa and the Western Indian Ocean

Former Ambassador David H. Shinn looks at Chinese security policy developments in Africa and the western Indian Ocean. By David H. Shinn. (05/01/2012)
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Demystifying the Chinese Economy

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Chinese Oil: An Evolving Strategy

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Getting Iranian Oil Sanctions Right

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Don’t Blame China’s Currency for U.S. Trade Deficit

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Going Against the Grain on the Post-2005 Commodity Price Boom

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China's Problematic Coal Plan

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Stability Before Profit in Russia's East Asian Strategy

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Carbon Trade Lessons from the EU

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China's Rise: Opportunity or Threat for East Asia?

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Energy for Tomorrow

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China: What's Next

Special report looking ahead at China's economy, policies, (12/31/2010)
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Explaining Kim Jong-il’s Tantrums

Frozen out of talks and wanting attention, the Kim regime (9/1/2010)
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China's View of Iran

This article explores China's hesitancy to support additio (9/29/2009)
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Think Again: Asia's Rise

Minxin Pei refutes the myth about the dawn of an Asian Age (7/1/2009)
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The return of Mr Nyet

The Economist reports that Russia appears ready to use its (7/17/2008)
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China’s Lucky Decade

From Bush to Obama: Has the U.S. failed to contain China?  By James Yan. (06/25/2015)

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Overpopulation – the Forgotten Question

As overpopulation issues mount, the greatest impacts are on developing countries. By Anuradha Kataria. 07/12/2013
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Pushing the Boundaries: Challenging Censorship in Today's China

Does a more interconnected China spell the decline of government censorship? By Sophie Beach. (05/21/2013)
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The Leadership Sagacity

What lies ahead for a China under Xi Jingping? By Jainisha Chavda. (03/20/2013)
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How to Deal with the Chinese Exchange Rate

How should the U.S. effectively deal with the Chinese exchange rate? By Dr. David A. Phillips. (08/13/2012)
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Slow Float to China

Authors analyze the issues surrounding the Chinese exchange rate. (06/22/2012)
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Frictions in the South China Sea - Chinese strategic mistake

Author argues Chinese military buildup will only strengthen existing bilateral security deals of neighboring countries and open new ones, primarily with the US. By Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (05/20/2012)
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Russia and China: The New Axis of Evil?

Authors discuss the possibility that Russia and China now constitute the 'Axis of Evil'. By Ryan Barnes & Steinar Dyrnes. (08/04/2008)
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Politics and the Olympics? Uneasy bedfellows…

In the runup to the Olympics in Beijing, the author examines the effectiveness of protests and boycotts to achieve change in a host country. By Runa Reta. (06/01/2008)
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The Beijing Olympics: Perfect Storm of Hope for Darfur?

The political pressure is on China and its Tibet policy. But that pressure might more effectively and efficiently used for change in Darfur. By George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson (IA-Forum, 03/22/2008)
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The Chinese Are Coming!

Reaction to the Chinese National People’s Congress recently passed bill on personal property rights. By Richard Neil Lorenc. (03/17/2007)
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