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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East

Authors introduce analytical framework of 'incipient societies' to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring”. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration. By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D.
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Is the ‘crisis of secularism’ in Western Europe the result of multiculturalism?

Essay discusses that, although multiculturalism supports and promotes the recognition of minority religious identities, the statement that it puts secularism under crisis is a bit exaggerated, if not purposefully misleading. By Peny Sotiropoulou. (07/25/2014)

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A Reply to Mearsheimer

Author responds to Offensive Realists who say  states want to dominate the international system. have. By Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer. (07/25/2014)

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20 Years to Trade Economic Independence for Political Sovereignty

How has the well-being of Latvia changed in the 20 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union? By Eva Maurina. (12/18/2013)
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Why the Kyoto Mechanism Fails Again?

Paper abstract: After a lot of hot air, the disillusioning epilogue of the Arab Facebook revolutions is more firearms and less confidence residing in the region, and a higher (moral, economic and political) carbon energy price everywhere else. By Dr. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (01/20/2012)
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Continuity and Change: Hegemonic Governance in International Relations

Paper that analyzes hegemonic governance and the role of dominance and power in the role of global governance. By Dr. Cornelia Beyer. (01/10/2012)
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More than Eco-efficiency is Required to Improve Food Security

Eco-efficiency concepts should explicitly include social a (3/5/2010)
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Bilateral donors and aid conditionality in post-conflict peacebuilding

Exploring the role of bilateral donors and conditional aid (1/1/2010)
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Al Qaeda in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan and Beyond

An examination of the post-September movements of Al-Qaeda (9/5/2008)
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Gorbachev and the End of the Cold War

The Soviet establish made a mistake to discount the role o (4/5/2006)
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Fear and Consensus in Hegemonic Governance

Author argues that consensus under hegemony implies a state of incalculable fear and fearlessness at the same time under the condition of high asymmetry. By Cornelia Beyer. (05/01/2012)
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