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Weakening Realism: Balancing Competition with Trade

Are traditional strategic models of international relations suggesting that competitive strategies are likely to dominate valid?  By Amien Kacou.(07/20/2015)  

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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East

Authors introduce analytical framework of 'incipient societies' to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring”. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration. By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D.
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EU-China Cooperation – Assessment of Key Policy Areas

Paper presents a general and sectoral angle to analyze EU-China relations. Professor Attila Marján. (Modern Diplomacy, 10/22/2015)

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The Spectrum Toolkit: An Integrative Analysis of Conceptual Issues in International Relations

Paper examines five spectrums of interstate relations. By Jessica C. Tselepy. (10/08/2015)

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Obama’s Neoliberal Foreign Policy in a Neoliberal World

From his decision to forge a deal with Iran to his stance on China, President Obama's distinctly Neoliberal foreign policy conforms well to the emerging Neoliberal world order.By Carlos Ramirez. (08/13/2015)

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The Concept of Soft Power: A Critical Analysis

Paper seeks to find the utility of soft power, which turns out to be having strategic motive and agenda behind it. By Abhinav Dutta. (08/01/2015)

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The Power of Geopolitical Discourse

Reflections on geography and popular culture in geopolitics. By Diego Solis. (Modern Diplomacy, 07/31/2015)

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P5+1, Iran-US Cooperation, and the Future of Iraq

Paper explores P5+1 implications. By Jill Ricotta. (07/28/2015)

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Myanmar Booms – In Ways Good and Bad

Paper analyzes Myanmar’s transition to democracy. By Jeroen Gelsing. (07/27/2015)

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Chile & New Zealand: A Comparative Study in Environmental Policy

Following New Zealand’s model, paper suggests Chile adopt policies to address environmental impact of business activity and non-renewable energy production. By Matt Josey. (07/26/2015)

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Collective Inaction: Constraints of National Designs in the Continuing Struggles of EU Environmental

Paper examines issues surroundng European Union environmental policies. By Roland Gawlitta. (07/23/2015)

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Saudi Arabia: The Forgotten Land of the Arab Spring

Paper seeks to explain the underlying reasons for the Saudi government’s success in maintaining power throughout the Arab Spring. By Numan Aksoy. (07/22/2015)

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Climate Change Related Warming Impacts on Food and Social Factors in the Arctic

Paper explores the connection between climate change related warming impacts with food and social factors in the Arctic region. By Monique Baskin. (07/16/2015)

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The Challenges and Solutions of PPPs in Fragile Countries and Conflict Affected Areas

Paper looks at Public-Private Partnerships in fragile countries and those recovering from conflicts.  By Adiat Aliu Abiodun.  (07/10/2015)

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More than Eco-efficiency is Required to Improve Food Security

Eco-efficiency concepts should explicitly include social a (3/5/2010)
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Bilateral donors and aid conditionality in post-conflict peacebuilding

Exploring the role of bilateral donors and conditional aid (1/1/2010)
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Al Qaeda in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan and Beyond

An examination of the post-September movements of Al-Qaeda (9/5/2008)
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Gorbachev and the End of the Cold War

The Soviet establish made a mistake to discount the role o (4/5/2006)
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Fear and Consensus in Hegemonic Governance

Author argues that consensus under hegemony implies a state of incalculable fear and fearlessness at the same time under the condition of high asymmetry. By Cornelia Beyer. (05/01/2012)
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