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Weakening Realism: Balancing Competition with Trade

Are traditional strategic models of international relations suggesting that competitive strategies are likely to dominate valid?  By Amien Kacou.(07/20/2015)  

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Not Your Mother’s Central Bank

An analysis of the Fed and ECB along with TARP and QE. Have Central Bank principles been lost? By George A. Pieler & Jens F. Laurson. (07/24/2011)
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Is Outdated Economics Threatening Western Civilization?

An interview with Prof. Graciela Chichilnisky who discusses talks her life and career in academia, her work, and the need to change Economics in order to save the planet.  By C J Polychroniou. (0628/2016)

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The Perverse Effects of Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage

A distributed Federal Minimum Wage across states is not effective.  By Prof. Dale O. Cloninger. (03/17/2016)

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Creative Economy and Bases of UNCTAD’s Creative Economy Programme as an Instrument for Growth

Examination of the Creative Economy and UNCTAD’s Creative Economy Programme for growth and development.  By Giuliano Luongo. (Modern Diplomacy, 12/28/2015)

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The Operational Logic Underlying the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

An in-depth look at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. By Professor Giancarlo Elia Valori. (10/20/2015)

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Islamic Finance: It’s Just that simple

The facets of Islamic Finance explained  By Dr. Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed. (08/07/2015)

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Myanmar Booms – In Ways Good and Bad

Paper analyzes Myanmar’s transition to democracy. By Jeroen Gelsing. (07/27/2015)

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U.S. Global Competitiveness: A Need For Infrastructure Investment and an Infrastructure Bank

U.S. infrastructure issues call for re-investment and an infrastructure bank.  By Kyle Jarmon. (07/16/2015)

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The Yuan Standard; Internationalization and Impending Inclusion in SDRs

Paper explores internationalization of the Yuan and its impending inclusion in Special Drawing Rights.  By Alex Davis.  (07/14/2015)

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Refugees’ Right to Work: Economic Justification for Ideal Refugee Rights

Essay asks, what are the economic impacts of refugee absorption? By M. Anela Malik. (07/02/2015)

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 03/16/2015

In this week’s GRI Risk Outlook: Nuclear talks with Iran,  possible increases in interest rates, Israeli PM Netanyahu faces reelection hiccups, and more. (Global Risk Outlook, 03/16/2015)

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New Run in Kazakhstan?

What do next month's elections say about Kazakhstan? By Alessandro Lundini. (Modern Diplomacy, 03/15/2015)

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GRI Weekly Risk Outlook - February 2, 2015

GRI’s Weekly Outlook: Turkish central bank to ease monetary policy further. Indian Reserve Bank to keep rates on hold, and Brazilian economy continues to struggle with stagflation. (Global Risk Outlook, 02/02/2015)

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GRI’s Weekly Risk Outlook - 01/26/2015

In this GRI Weekly Risk Outlook: ASEAN pushes for ‘code of conduct’ in South China Sea dispute, the Fed to maintain its current monetary policy stance, and the African Union and others attempt to broker an agreement in South Sudan. (Global Risk Insights, 01/28/2015). 

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Trump’s Putin bromance is driving away Eastern European-American voters

If Trump loses the presidency, it will be because of his d (8/23/2016)
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China Private Investment Softens, But Not as Much as Official Data Suggest

Official investment data from China’s National Bureau of S (8/19/2016)
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Freedom in the 50 States

Systemic Deficiencies in Policing

Following the death of Freddie Gray, a young black man, (8/12/2016)

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New Research: Why is support for populism rising in the West?

Authors examine public opinion in 31 European countries
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Well-Being in China Across Time and Space

China has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. H (8/4/2016)
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Do You Know the Constitution?

To encourage people everywhere to better understand and (8/1/2016)

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China’s SOE Reform—The Wrong Path

A key component of China’s SOE reform strategy —mergers of (7/28/2016)
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China Chart: Tracking China’s Debt

Chinese banks were at it again in June with another steep (7/22/2016)
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Can You Trust Your Gut? New Research Analyzes the Trade Off Between Intuition and Systemized Thought

Evidence suggests systematic thinking is more likely to pr (7/22/2016)
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For an unfettered Internet

While the United Nations does excellent work in peaceke (2/1/2014)

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Calling Off America’s Bombs

It is time for the US to help stop the killing in Syria. (9/1/2013)
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Marching in Circles: Egypt’s Dangerous Second Transition

Nearly two-and-half years after Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow, (8/1/2013)
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What is Italy Saying?

The outcome of the Italian elections should send a clear m (3/11/2013)
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The Post-Crisis Crises

As we struggle with today’s crises, we should be asking wh (1/1/2013)
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India-Pakistan Detente: Positive Note

Do recent events point to an unflawing for Indian-Pakistan relations? By Dr. Kashi N Pandita. (01/24/2014)

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Time to Create a Global Effort to Reduce Remittance Costs

Reducing remittance costs should be undertaken to facilitate global development.  By Eliel Stenstrom. (06/01/2016)

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Currency Dictatorship – the struggle to end it

Authro aruges India and the BRICS are giving the US dollar the boot. By Rakesh Krishan Simha. (01/22/2016)


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Some Applications of Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics Thinking to Current Geopolitical Issues

In recent decades, there has been a development of several related concepts, some under the category of thermodynamics, which may be applied, to some degree, to the current geopolitical scene. By Jack Pearce. (Modern Diplomacy, 12/21/2015)

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The Future of Turkey after the Last Elections: the Kurdish question and the economic outlook

Where does Turkey stand after its last parliamentary elections?  By Diego Del Priore. (, 07/29/2015)

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Europe – Syriza-ize or Syria-nize

Europe and the Greek criis.  By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (07/12/2015)

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An Utopic Denouement for the Venezuelan Crisis

What's the state of Venezuela's economy and where is it going?  By Robson Coelho Cardoch Valdez.  (07/08/2015)

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Please Don´t Stop the Music: How the Latin American Economy Skipped a Beat

The Latin economy's sustained growth has stopped.  What's next?  By José Luis Alvarado Valenzuela. (07/08/2015)

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Zeman-Putin: bonded by business

What can be taken from Czech President Milosh Zeman's recent statement about Russia? By Georgii Kukhaleishvili. (05/25/2015)

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'Authoritarian Capitalism' – Where and How Workable, Long Term?

Does capitalism flourish in both democratic and authoritarian regimes?  By Jack Pearce.  (04/25/2015)

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Japan de-escalates the Senkaku-Diaoyu dispute

As the APEC meeting approaches, Japan has backed off its stance on the Senkaku-Diaoyu dispute.  By Mikala Sorenson.  (Global Risk Insights,11/12/2014)

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Will outside conflict hurt Poland’s economic growth?

Analysis of the effect of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the Polish economy.  By Brian Daigle (10/22/2014, Global Risk Insights).

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The Northern Sea Route: Passage to a Sea of Opportunities

What are the advantages and challenges of a Northern Sea Route?  Plenty, says author. By Ajay Anil Cherian .(10/13/2014)

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Europe – the letzte Mensch or Übermensch, the new Byzantium or declining Rome

The recently released IMF’s World Economic Outlook brings discouraging news for many. What does it mean the Europe?  By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (10/10/2014)

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Will Modi's India Reinvent International Relations?

Cleo Paskal analyzes Prime Minister Modi's opportunity to reshape India's foreign policy.  (Huffington Post, 06/05/2014)

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El Indio: The French Pivot

The French pivot to ASEAN could be the start of a grand interregional enterprise that leads the EU. By Jamil Maidan Flores. (09/12/2013)
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The Rise of BRIC: Too Soon to Make Assumptions

Do the BRIC countries still present a global power shift? Will they? By Zachary K. Ochoa. (07/13/2013)
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How to Deal with the Chinese Exchange Rate

How should the U.S. effectively deal with the Chinese exchange rate? By Dr. David A. Phillips. (08/13/2012)
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Slow Float to China

Authors analyze the issues surrounding the Chinese exchange rate. (06/22/2012)
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America’s Hammering China’s Renminbi Makes Little Sense

Author argues that China’s surpluses are not driving America’s deficits and presents misperceptions about exchange rates and China's growth. By Yukon Huang. (06/18/2012)
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Turkish Delight: Commercial Opportunities in Turkey’s Growing Economy

The world's fastest growing economy: Turkey? Author examines Turkey's economic growth. By Ryan Barnes. (09/03/2011)
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The Missing Sound Economic and Political Fundamentals of the Debt Ceiling Deal

Author provides analysis of the US debt ceiling deal. By David A. Hollingsworth.

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Are 'Systemically Important' Institutions Too Big To Fail?

Authors argue institutionalizing TARP won't make financial firms more secure. By George Pieler and Jens F. Laurson. (first published in Forbes, 05/25/2011)
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Why Africa is the Next Destination

Author provides positive analysis for African development and proposes changes that must be made as well. By Eugene Nyambal. (11/04/2010)
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Beyond the Bernard Madoff Swindle

Author provides commentary and analysis on the cultural and policital dimensions of the Madoff scandal. By David A. Hollingsworth. (08/11/2009)

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Climate Smart Aid Is Anything But

International organizations like the World Bank and the UN are supposed to help the world’s poor. Fully convinced about doing good by curbing carbon emissions, they are pushing an anti-development agenda that has direct, negative effects on human welfare. By William Yeatman. (05/25/2009)
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What the World Needs from the London Summit

A look ahead at the G20 Summit and an analysis of what it is hoped will be gained from it. By Andrew Pickering. (IA-Forum, 03/30/2009)
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From the Cowboy to the Multicultural Summit

Author looks at Bush, Obama and Latin America from a Peruvian perspective. By Alvaro Henzler (12/20/2008)
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U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement: One Year Later

Author discusses impact and effects of the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement. By Adam Kott (11/03/2008)
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The Fall of U.S. Hegemony in Latin America

Author analyzes the decreasing influence of the United States in Latin American and the rising influence of Russia and Brasil. By Adam Kott. (10/20/2008)
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