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IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Kamal El Kheshen

Dr. Kamal El Kheshen, Vice President of the African Development Bank discussses the trade-off between climate change policies and economic growth policies in Africa. By M. Patel. (12/10/2009)
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IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Dennis de Tray

IA Forum discusses issues surrounding the World Bank/IMF with Dr. Dennis de Tray, Vice President at the Center for Global Development. (IA-Forum, 4/20/2007)
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IA-Forum Interview: Prof. Wu Xinbo

International Affairs Forum speaks with Professor Wu Xinbo about issues regarding China and Asia. By Stefan Daniels. (IA-Forum, 03/23/2007)
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IA-Forum Interview: Josephine Osikena

IA-Forum speaks with Josephine Osikena, Programme Manager for Democracy and Development at the Foreign Policy Centre, about the upcoming elections in West Africa. By J. Young and Sarah Knudsen. (IA-Forum, 03/23/2007)
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Globalization and Economic Development in the Third World: Hazard or Enhancement?

Examines the global economic integration and whether globalization will bring economic growth for Third World countries. By Karla Sosa. (5/2/2006)
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IA-Forum Interview: Trade Specialist Barry Schumacher

Barry Schumacher, former Director of Intergovernmental Relations for Puerto Rico's Federal Affairs Administration and advisor on trade issues to Senator Bob Graham, talks to IA-Forum about international trade issues. By Jasen Zubcevik. (9/8/2004)
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View from Bulgaria: A Brief Look at Preparing for EU Accession and the Euro

Overview of Bulgaria and its preparation for accession into the EU and adoption of the Euro. By Desislava S. Chausheva. (IA-Forum, 7/26/2004)
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A World Without Power

Niall Ferguson argues that anyone who dislikes U.S. hegemony should consider the alternative, a world with no superpower at all. (7/1/2004, Originally published in Foreign Policy, republished with permission from Niall Ferguson)
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IA-Forum Interview: The Honorable Don Bonker

Mr. Don Bonker, former U.S. Congressman (Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade, senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), talks about Iraq, Trade and Globalization. By Jasen Zubcevik. (IA-Forum, 6/7/2004)
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A Global New Deal

Public’s tolerance for economic policies that do not reduc (12/10/2011)
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Rio+20: understanding the present in the light of the future.

Understanding the present in the light of the past, we see (9/1/2011)
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Complexity and Collapse

Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many hi (3/1/2010)
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Netanyahu and the sanctioning of Iran

Thomas Evans asks why Israel looks unlikely to gain suppor (2/25/2010)
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Confronting the Long Crisis of Globalization: Risk, Resilience and International Order

Alex Evans, Bruce Jones and David Steven discuss risks to (1/26/2010)
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The Yuan Underrated, China Overrated

America is driven by innovation. China, running like a mad (11/10/2009)
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China Praised for African Links

Rwandan President praises the way Africa does business in (10/11/2009)
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The Dragon in the Backyard

Article detailing Latin America's shift in economic relati (8/13/2009)
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A Global Recovery Needs A Global Response

It is time to begin the restructuring of our global econom (6/27/2009)
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To Recover, We Must Abide By Classical Principles

Author argues that classical economics- not its modern cou (4/28/2009)
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Milton Friedman, Free Markets Theorist, Dies at 94

Obituary looks at the impact the late Milton Friedman had (11/16/2006)
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Why Deficits matter?

In-Depth article that looks at what affect the U.S. budget (9/15/2006)
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Building Better Institutions

Article of recent speech by IMF Head Rodrigo Rato, looks a (8/19/2006)
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The future of globalisation

Author looks at the most recent collapse in world trade ta (7/27/2006)
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Decision time for the Doha trade round

Article describes the furthering breakdown of internationa (6/30/2006)
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Climate Smart Aid Is Anything But

International organizations like the World Bank and the UN are supposed to help the world’s poor. Fully convinced about doing good by curbing carbon emissions, they are pushing an anti-development agenda that has direct, negative effects on human welfare. By William Yeatman. (05/25/2009)
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What the World Needs from the London Summit

A look ahead at the G20 Summit and an analysis of what it is hoped will be gained from it. By Andrew Pickering. (IA-Forum, 03/30/2009)
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