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Brazil’s Locomotive Breath

The Petrobras scandal is changing the equilibrium of powers in the Latin “China”. By Nicola Bilotta. (01/16/20116)

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Impact of CPEC on Regional International Relations

Essay examines how CPEC as a investment and its benefit to energy resources. By Syed Danish Ali. (10/08/2016) 

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Technology Can Address Climate Change Threat: Interview with Graciela Chichilnisky and Peter Wadhams

Graciela Chichilnisky and Peter Wadhams say it is possible to resolve the climate change threat through the deployment of technology that can remove carbon dioxide from the air. By C. J. Polychroniou with Marcus Rolle. (10/6/2016)

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Bound to Nothing: Interview with Graciela Chichilnisky on the Paris Climate Agreement

Insightful interview with Professor Graciela Chichilnisky, who says the Paris climate deal actually fails to address climate change effectively. Interview by C. J. Polychroniou. (12/22/2015)

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Nord Stream Nr. 2: The Project’s Implications in Europe

A look at the Gazprom-led Nord Stream Two gas pipeline project.  Will it actually materizalize? By Vladimir Socor. (Modern Diplomacy, 10/23/2015)

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Gas Discoveries in East Mediterranean: A Catalyst for Regional Cooperation

East Mediterranean gas discoveries provide a golden opportunity for energy security and cooperation. By Antonia Dimou. (06/26/2015, first appeared in Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs)

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DRC and Uganda could benefit from joint oil agreement

Presence of massive oil and gas reserves around the Lake Albert region have increased tensions between DRD and Uganda.  A joint oil agreement could be a step forward to ease them.  By John Sisa. (Global Risk Insights, 12/27/2014).

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Putin-Modi Dimensional Meeting

A look at the India-Russia two-day annual meeting and its possible outcomes. By Kashi N Pandita.  (12/20/2014)

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China-Egypt Partnership Fraught With Political Risk

Egypt is aggressively courting China to attract more investment and stabilise the already fragile economy. But Beijing must proceed with caution. (Global Risk Insights, 12/20/2014)

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Nuclear Commerce - Fundamentals

Paper explores the prospects for an energy rennaissance through nuclear power.  By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic and Petra Posega.(12/19/2014)

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Jordan-Israel Energy Deal Faces Public Opposition

With a struggling economy, Jordan must strike a careful balance between controversial energy deals and meaningful public appeasement. (Global Risk Insights, 12/18/2014)

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Mediterranean Energy Alliances Isolate Turkey

The discovery of hydrocarbons has altered the geopolitical situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, leading to the formation of new alliances that leave Turkey out of the game. By Evita Souri. (Global Risk Insights, 12/13/2014)

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Russia and China extend energy ties at APEC

What are the chances of success for the Altai pipeline? By Dr. Ante Batovic. (Global Risk Insights,11/25/2014)

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New Issue of International Affairs Forum: Interview with Prof. Smita Brunnermeier: BRIC countries

Interview with Professor Smita Brunnermeier of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs (International Affairs Forum, 01/2014)

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Morocco and Algeria, Restarting The Union of the Arab Maghreb through Renewable Energy.

How Morocco and Algeria can leverage shared interest about renewable energy to inspire the Union's progess. By Nabil El Aid El Othmani. (12/31/2013)

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The New Feudalism: Why States Must Repeal Growth-Management Laws

Advocates of growth-management laws, which strictly reg (10/18/2016)

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Marching in Circles: Egypt’s Dangerous Second Transition

Nearly two-and-half years after Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow, (8/1/2013)
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China’s Central Asia Problem

China’s influence is growing rapidly in Central Asia at a (3/1/2013)
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Analysis of oil reserve political effects in Iraq and pot (9/12/2012)
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Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing

UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Global Sustaina (1/1/2012)
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Why we need Sustainable Development Goals

Rio+20 must launch SDGs to guide countries through complex (12/2/2011)
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Rio+20: understanding the present in the light of the future.

Understanding the present in the light of the past, we see (9/1/2011)
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The Energy Deficit

Rather than anticipating and preparing for change, the Uni (9/1/2010)
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Rio Plus 20: What Prospects for the Next UN Mega-Conference?

The question looming at Rio is whether the voluntary, bott (9/1/2010)
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Netanyahu and the sanctioning of Iran

Thomas Evans asks why Israel looks unlikely to gain suppor (2/25/2010)
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On the Road to Better Biofuels

The recently-announced biofuels initiatives announced repr (2/8/2010)
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Debunking False Energy Claims

Reports from the Heritage Foundation and the Milken Instit (2/3/2010)
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The United States of Science

One set of President Obama's 2011 budget numbers tackles t (2/2/2010)
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After Copenhagen: Climate Action Goes Local

Developing economies are some of the world leaders in clea (2/1/2010)
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Can an Unfree China Be Green?

President Obama has chosen to downplay the lack of freedom (12/9/2009)
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A Bipartisan Bill to Clean the Planet’s Atmosphere and the Spirit of St. Louis

The Barrasso-Schatz Amendment and what it means for climate change policy. By Graciela Chichilnisky. (02/22/2016)

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Ecological Globalization

Call for action against the war on global environmental terror. By Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (12/13/2015)

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Relooking the Current Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Program

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program undermines US goals on climate change and needs to be re-examined.  By Monique Baskin. (11/06/2015)

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No More Foreign Affairs

The concept of Foreign Affairs has been replaced by a more global By Jack Pearce. (01/13/2015)

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The Northern Sea Route: Passage to a Sea of Opportunities

What are the advantages and challenges of a Northern Sea Route?  Plenty, says author. By Ajay Anil Cherian .(10/13/2014)

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Our Collective Failure

Climate change...are we running out of time? By Pratik Patil. (02/04/2013)
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Which Policy to Address Climate Change?

Author examines potential impacts of climate change and policy options to combat it. By Julian Morris, International Policy Network. (12/09/2009)
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Climate Smart Aid Is Anything But

International organizations like the World Bank and the UN are supposed to help the world’s poor. Fully convinced about doing good by curbing carbon emissions, they are pushing an anti-development agenda that has direct, negative effects on human welfare. By William Yeatman. (05/25/2009)
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Biofuel for Thought

Biofuels may be one of the dumber of the grand, well intentioned ideas of this decade. Yet they are here to stay, because of the Zeitgeist that says source-diversification is the Holy Grail of energy policy. By George Pieler and Jens F. Laurson (First published by the Atlantic Community, 05/26/2008)
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