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About the Center for International Relations (CIR)

International Affairs Forum is a publication of the Center for International Relations, a nonprofit, tax exempt (501(c)3) organization based in the Washington, D.C. area unaffiliated with any group or ideology. We are devoted to the independent exchange of international affairs, intelligence and economics views and information. Through our online journal, International Affairs Forum, we strive to facilitate and enrich our readers' experience by providing:
  • Non-Partisan Content - presents information in an unbiased manner, regardless of political creed to provide our readers an all-encompassing view of subjects.
  • IA-Forum Content - IA-Forum publishes opinion pieces, essays, articles, and interviews with leading professionals and academics.
  • Global Viewpoints - presents content from a global perspective.
  • Full Range of Contributor Demographics - IA-Forum accepts and publishes content from contributors ranging from students to academics and experienced professionals.
  • One Stop Portal for Research and Information - contains a database of information sources tailored specifically by topics, regions, and countries to ease and accelerate the search process. Links to specific news stories, publications, and organizations are stored in our database to ensure speedy retrieval of information. By providing international affairs, intelligence and economics specific links, the user can achieve a significant decrease in research time compared to using leading search engines.

Other CIR Functions:
  • Student Awards for Outstanding Submissions
  • Special Events (roundtable discussions, etc.)
  • Anti-Corruption Crowdsourcing Program with Transparency International
Contact information:

Center for International Relations
1629 K ST. Suite 300
Washington D.C., 20006

Board of Directors
Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr., Former Executive Director of the Congressional Caucus on National Defense, U.S. House of Representatives; Faculty Chairman, The Institute of World Politics (Washington DC)
James Stockmal, Vice President, Association for Strategic Planning
Dimitri Neos, Executive Director, Center for International Relations

Editorial Board
Dr. Brian K Chappell
Dr. Christos Kyrou, Adjunct Professor, American University
Dr. Sohail Mahmood
David Phillips, GBRW

Advisory Board
Dr. Terrence R. Guay, Professor of International Business, Pennsylvania State University
Dr. Sahar Khamis, Assistant Professor of Communication, Affiliate Faculty of Women's Studies, and Affiliate Faculty in the Consortium on Race, Gender and Ethnicity, University of Maryland
Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed, Lecturer in Economics, Carleton University (Canada)
Dr. Madhav Das Nalapat, UNESCO Peace Chair and Director of the Department of Geopolitics at Manipal University
Dr.Siddhartha Sarkar, A.C.College of Commerce, India



Dimitri Neos, Executive Director (
Jens F. Laurson, IA-Forum, Editor at Large
Dr. Dale Mineshima-Lowe, Managing Editor (United Kingdom)
C.J. deGrazia, Senior Editor
Katherine Lugo, Senior Editor
Dr. Angela Carpenter
Shannon Cook (UAE, Editor)
Maria Cheiladaki-Liarokapi
Leo Halepli
Cooper Hewell Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis
Dr. Majbritt Lyck
Jessica Matsko, Editor
Lakshna Mehta, Editor
M. Patel, Editor
C. Sadkam
Dr. Syuzanna Vasilyan
Anthony Welch


Mahmood Ahmad, Research Analyst(Pakistan)
Alexander W. Amiral
Sariyya Atayeva
Clay Ballard
Sheritha Brace
Justin Cheung (Contributor)
Pankti Dalal(India)
Dynasty Dyer
Alexandra Gilliard
David Hollingsworth
Kayvan M. Lavassani(Canada)
Emily Carter Luense
Sama Mammadova
Vikas Mehta (India)
Amit R. Saksena (India)
James Young


International Affairs Forum is an all-partisan publication that spans mainstream political views. Contributors express views independently and individually. The thoughts and opinions expressed by one do not necessarily reflect the views of all, or any, of the other contributors. In fact, the breadth of the contributors? views and perspectives is a key strength of International Affairs Forum?s content.

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the contributor alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers, the Center for International Relations, its funders, or staff.


International Affairs Forum is proud to work with:

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