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International Affairs Forum a platform to encourage a more complete understanding of the world's opinions on international relations and economics. It presents a cross-section of all-partisan mainstream content, from left to right and across the world.

By reading International Affairs Forum, not only explore pieces you agree with but pieces you don't agree with. Read the other side, challenge yourself, analyze, and share pieces with others. Most importantly, analyze the issues and discuss them civilly with others.

And, yes, send us your essay or editorial! Students are encouraged to participate.

Please enter and join the many International Affairs Forum participants who seek a better path toward addressing world issues.
Tue. July 23, 2024
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International Affairs Forum

Around the World, Across the Political Spectrum

About the Center for International Relations (CIR)

International Affairs Forum is a publication of the Center for International Relations, a nonprofit, tax exempt (501(c)3) organization based in the Washington, D.C. area unaffiliated with any group or ideology. We are devoted to the independent exchange of international affairs, intelligence and economics views and information. Through our online journal, International Affairs Forum, we strive to facilitate and enrich our readers' experience by providing:
  • Non-Partisan Content - IA-Forum.org presents information in an unbiased manner, regardless of political creed to provide our readers an all-encompassing view of subjects. We encourage readers to not only read political perspectives they agree with but also expand their horizons by reading pieces from across the table.
  • IA-Forum Content - IA-Forum publishes opinion pieces, essays, articles, and interviews with leading professionals and academics.
  • Global Viewpoints - IA-Forum.org presents content from a global perspective.
  • Full Range of Contributor Demographics - IA-Forum accepts and publishes content from contributors ranging from students to academics and experienced professionals.

    International Affairs Forum provides links to numerous social media content. These are tagged with generalized identification of viewpoints by the source (e.g., Chatham House is identified as Independent) and any associated content is tagged accordingly. We do the best we can in this regard but sometimes social media content may not represent the political viewpoint stated (e.g., a conservative piece appearing in a liberal newspaper).

Other CIR Functions:
  • Annual Special Publication, International Affairs Forum. Focuses on a pressing international affairs and/or economic issue. Winning piece(s) from our Student Writing Award competition included in the publication.
  • Student Awards for Outstanding Submissions
  • Research
  • Special Events (roundtable discussions, etc.)
  • Anti-Corruption Crowdsourcing Program with Transparency International
Contact information:

Center for International Relations
1629 K ST. Suite 300
Washington D.C., 20006

Board of Directors
Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr., Former Executive Director of the Congressional Caucus on National Defense, U.S. House of Representatives; Faculty Chairman, The Institute of World Politics (Washington DC)
James Stockmal, Vice President, Association for Strategic Planning
Dimitri Neos, Executive Director, Center for International Relations

Advisory Board
Dr. Christos Kyrou, Adjunct Professor, American University
Dr. Sohail Mahmood
Mumukshu Patel
David Phillips, GBRW

Advisory Board


Sheritha Brace
Joseph Cole, Senior Editor (United Kingdom)
Mehak Fatima
Alexandra Gilliard
Jens F. Laurson, IA-Forum, Editor at Large
Emily Carter Luense
Katherine Lugo, Senior Editor
Dr. Dale Mineshima-Lowe, Managing Editor (United Kingdom)
Gwendolyn Morgan
Dimitri Neos, Executive Director (dneos@ia-forum.org)
Fofana Oumar (Republic of Guinea)
Mitali Mumukshu Patel, Senior Advisor, Operations
Nicole Pylawka
Natasha Rico
Choop Sadkam (Executive Editor)
Lisa Sampson
Dionisio Tome
Logan M. Williams
C. J. Polychroniou, Affiliate Research Associate and Policy Fellow


International Affairs Forum is an all-partisan publication that spans mainstream political views. Contributors express views independently and individually. The thoughts and opinions expressed by one do not necessarily reflect the views of all, or any, of the other contributors. In fact, the breadth of the contributors views and perspectives is a key strength of International Affairs Forum's content.

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the contributor alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of their employers, the Center for International Relations, its funders, or staff.


International Affairs Forum is proud to work with:


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