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Sat. June 22, 2024
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International Affairs Forum asked Russia specialists and commentators: "With talk of a new Cold War, and Russian President Vladimir Putin floating the possibility of aiming nuclear weapons at targets in Europe, how serious do you think the deterioration in relations is between Russia and the West? How should Western governments respond?"

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Thu, January 17, 2008 08:33 AM (about 16 years ago)
Cold War was never ended it was just postponed. However, during those last years, many more players arose, with clear interest in getting a front view position. China, Coreea, and the Arabic States were players in the Cold War, but in a second position, now they just took a step forward. Though I am growing concerned about the Russian tendencies, I do salute their will to react. As the world marches towards the establishment of one government, one economy, and one rulership, the force of the big and "nasty" states, to "revolt" is the only way to stop this. Behind peace always hides the most terrifying of wars, that is why at least a proclamed Cold War will at least give the world a sign that something is wrong.
srizvi - Pakistan
Sun, November 18, 2007 05:08 AM (about 16 years ago)
The fact that the cold war ear is the gone story is not really correct. The most veritable fact remains that the the cold war doctrines practiced
Dr Dale Herspring, Kansas State University

Response: The "summit" in Kennebunkport was a success! Let me explain what I mean by that term.

Bush and Putin have something that few world leaders have. They are both "straight shooters." They say what they think and they do not lie to each other. This is very important, especially for a person like Bush, who despised Chirac and Schroeder because he did not believe he could trust them. They both ... more

Robert Amsterdam, editor of Robertamsterdam.com

Response: In the past few months, tensions have rapidly accumulated between Russia and the West. Numerous inconvenient truths have become exceedingly difficult to ignore, leaving many policymakers staggering about without a coherent response. Europe and the United States were shocked by the callous response of the Russian authorities to the apparent contract killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya. They lo... more

Andrei Piontkovsky, Hudson Institute

Response: When in his Victory Day speech on May 9 Vladimir Putin compared the United States to the Third Reich, he was setting a new standard in anti-Western rhetoric. Now any gathering which passes without similar comparisons will be regarded as a relative success, as was the case at the summit at the Bush family estate in Kennebunkport that has just ended.

This dialogue of the deaf on the issue of ant... more

Walter C. Clemens, Jr., Boston University

Response: The country that gave the world Pushkin, Chekov, Tchaikovsky, and Tolstoy now gives itself and the world the rule of thugs and computer hackers. The last tsars permitted their people liberal reforms, a constitution, and real political parties. Russia’s present ruler and his entourage move in the opposite direction: They gut the reforms that took shape under Presidents Gorbachev and Yeltsin; neuter... more

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