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Sat. August 17, 2019
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IA-Forum asks: Despite Europe and Latin America's deep connection through immigration, the European Union recently passed a strict set of laws that allows for the imprisonment of illegal aliens for up to 18 months before being deported. How could this affect relations between the EU and Latin America? Additionally, how might Latin America and the European Union's economies be impacted by the recent EU immigration laws?"

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Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Cato Institute

Response: Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Project Coordinator for Latin America, Cato Institute

With its new immigration laws, the European Union accomplished what many deemed impossible until a few months ago: unite all Latin American governments—left and right—behind a single cause in repudiating Europe’s so called “Return Directive.” Given the historic ties between both regions, and the precedent of millions of ... more

Piotr Maciej Kaczynski, CEPS

Response: Two Worlds Hardly Talk to Each Other
Comment by Piotr Maciej Kaczynski
Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels

The European Union has recently adopted a new law on immigration. This law has been heavily criticized by human rights activists and the Latin American leaders, who claimed that Europe should not discriminate against migrants, as it owes a lot to them. Ma... more

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