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Wed. December 02, 2020
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Spring 2017 IA Forum - Populism in the Digital Age and Cyber Security o


In this issue:

Populism in the Digital Age

Populism...a threat to democracy?, Prof. Cas Mudde

Contextualizing Populism in Latin America: populist movements within the changing political and technological landscapes, Prof. Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser

Populism: the risks and impacts on European states, Stefan Lehne

The Current State of Right-Wing Populist Parties in Germany, Prof. Fabian Vichow

The Role of Media in Populist Movements, Dr. Sven Engesser

Populism in the U.S.A.: a first-hand account of its changing nature from the 1960s, Prof. Harry C. Boyte

Tracing the Transformation of Populism in Europe and America, Prof. John Abromeit

Trump’s Tea Party, Prof. Kristin Haltinner   

Populism Down Under: the rise, fall, and resurgence of Pauline Hanson and the One Nation Party, Prof. Zareh Ghazarian

Anti-Chinese Populism in Africa’s Digital Age, Prof. Steve Hess

Populism in Eastern Europe, Dr. Tsveta Petrova

Media, Web, Democracy: populist and post-populist Europe in the mirror of the Italian experience, Prof. Giovanna Campani


Cyber Security

Cyber Threats and Cyber Policies, Dr. Peter W. Singer

NATO Cyber Challenges, Dr. Alexander Crowther

Deterrence of Cyberattacks in International Relations: denial, retaliation, and signaling, Sico van der Meer

Toward a Global Norm Against Manipulating the Integrity of Financial Data, Tim Maurer and Steven Nyikos

Beyond Ones and Zeros: reframing cyber conflict, Miguel Alberto Gomez

Deciphering the “Hacking Back” Debate: questions of propriety and risk, Tim Ridout

Cyber Security Related Behaviors, Data Privacy, and Challenges Ahead, Prof. Jason Hong

Safeguarding Data Integrity in an Interconnected World, Edward M. Stroz

Machine Learning and Cyber Security, Anup Ghosh

Cyber Risk and Cyber Policies, Nadiya Kostyuk

Chaos Without Coordination: an analysis of the EU’s cyber (in)security, Sophie Barnett (winner, IA Forum Student Writing Competition)

The Thin Line Between Utopia and Dystopia: policing child porn on the Darknet, Jordan Cohen (winner, IA Forum Student Writing Competition)


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