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Sun. February 05, 2023
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Urgent Appeal on Kashmir


Kashmir is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan which needs to be resolved. However, it is very difficult for the two parties to resolve the depute because of it very nature. Only outside intervention can possibly resolve the matter. The recent annexation of Jammu and Kashmir by India has created great tension in the region which will lead to more conflict. Notwithstanding Indian claims, the annexation is a violation of not only international law and UN resolutions but all bilateral accords between the two countries.

The total black out and the repression and persecution of the local Kashmiri population cannot, and will not, be tolerated by the world community. All watch dog international agencies have reported on the blatant violation of human rights in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Despite the new crisis and tensions between India and Pakistan, back channel talks must continue unabated. The US must facilitate the talks to resolve the unfinished matter of the 1947 Partition. Much depends on the Trump administration to step in for the cause of regional peace. Time is running out. Action is needed now.

The writing on the wall: Notwithstanding claims of India, the annexation of Kashmir isn’t a fait accompli yet. The subjugation and persecution of the Kashmiris will result in a new wave of violence in the region. The clampdown will be resisted by the local populace giving an impetus to the simmering independence movement there. Apparently, more trouble and tensions ahead in the region.

Dr. Sohail Mahmood is an Independent Political Analyst based in Chapel Hill NC.  

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