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Mon. December 10, 2018
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Research Analyst, Center for International Relations.


Center for International Relations (CIR) is a nonprofit, tax exempt (501(c)3) organization based in the Washington, D.C. area unaffiliated with any group or ideology. We are devoted to the independent exchange of international affairs, intelligence and economics views and information.


CIR seeks a Research Analyst (RA) to undertake analytically tractable research on global development issues, working with the Executive Director, Senior Fellow and other members of the leadership team. 


Independent publication opportunity if RA generates quality reports, upon approval of Director and Senior Fellow.  Stipend provided.  Likely duration of RA internship will be 12 weeks.


Projects include:


  1. Analysis of trends in quantity and quality of Overseas Development Assistance.  Familiarity with appropriate databases and data analysis (with Excel, STATA) will be critical to document trends in foreign aid commitments/disbursements, quality of aid, by sector and regions.  OECD’s Washington DC office will be a key resource for RA.
    1. Outputs will include quality of sectoral aid on health, food security and education- with datasets and accompanying paper – under guidance of senior fellow and Director.
    2. A regional analysis of ODA by sector and donor ranking – under guidance of Senior Fellow and Director.
    3. Independent publication of various in-country reports by RA – upon approval of Senior Fellow.


  1. Conduct a literature review of regional development projects of major multilateral development banks (starting with the World Bank Group) and bilaterals. 
    1. An annotated bibliography will be expected and will have the potential to be published as co-authored with Senior Fellow.
    2. A policy paper with recommendations will be a separate output, as part of a project being led by senior staff.


  1. Conduct literature review of development assistance efforts in four countries, under guidance of Senior Fellow and Director.




Junior or Senior undergraduate / or early graduate student currently enrolled in a university – ideally in the greater DC area, with significant coursework in international relations, economics and proficient in statistics, including software program like STATA. 


Work will be done remotely with moderate supervision; ability to be work independently highly valued. 

To apply please email resume and cover letter to: XXX (EMAILEMAIL).  


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