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Sat. December 09, 2023
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The Muslim Brotherhood in Holes and Corners
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London became a home for the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1990s, when the organization opened their global information center which sought to communicate the group’s message to world media. Later the city became the head office for the organizations website “Ikhwanweb” which was launched in 2005. The Muslim Brotherhood currently organizes weekly protests and demonstrations in London, usually in Oxford Street, in support of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi who was forced to leave office last July after a majority of the Egyptians revolted because of failure of making any progress after a year of being in power. The Muslim Brotherhood is campaigning to support their leaders who have been arrested on different charges. Their London press office has become the base through which the Islamist group coordinates with its offices in Egypt, the United States, and Europe sending out press statements, organizing protests, demonstrations and coming up with new strategies. They recently have employed a dream team of internationally renowned British lawyers starting legal proceedings against the current Egyptian government intentionally wanting to take matters to the International Criminal Court. Clearly what the organization is trying to do is regroup and rebuild their ranks and files within Egypt by setting up new strategies and implementing them through their interpersonal and digital networks. Empowering their top leaders who have managed to escape the country like the Secretary General of the Supreme Muslim Brotherhood Guide Mahmoud Hussein who has been seen in Turkey and Qatar, Gomaa Amin Deputy Supreme Guide while in London is said to be running and maintaining the organization and acting as Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and considered as one of the oldest members of the organization. In addition to Mahmoud Ezzat another Deputy of the Supreme Council of the Muslim Brotherhood who is in Gaza and is said to be running the militant operations from Gaza, in the Sinai and different parts of Egypt, in coordination with other terrorist organizations in Gaza and the Sinai peninsula, against the military and security apparatus of the current Egyptian government. Mohammed Salama is Rsearch Analyst – Egypt & MENA Region, International Affairs Forum

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