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Sun. March 03, 2024
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The Dragon’s Misleading Strategy to the World
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Where the spread of the pandemic has already hiked up the unemployment rate, approximately all around the world, countries divesting from China could possess major halt to its economy. China is accused for the spread of virus, not only because of declaring the pandemic an emergency being so late but also negligence by the World Health Organization and its support to China. To play this blame game, Mr. Jinping started figuring out a way to remove the charges against his country. China’s first tactic to portray a positive image to the world went wrong when the testing kits, ventilators and protective clothing, exported by China, were found to be faulty, which ended up causing a more negative impression of its profile in the eyes of world.

China changed strategy to one of misleading the world about border disputes. At such time where any country was unable to see a possible door to heaven until vaccine is found, China has already taken a very adamant move i.e., to provoke the countries it has disputes with, whether it is India over LAC, U.S.A. over the South China Sea, or Tibet’s territory over being Republic from China, Hong Kong or any other like Singapore or Brazil. Here, China would have been referring to “Sun Tzu” explanation in his “Art of War”, where he explains, when a country is down and out, it should try to thrust on one issue to neutralize all issues. This strategy has included the use of its media.

Freedom House, a U.S.-based organization, has reported that China Central Television (CCTV) media has disparaged the protestors in Hong Kong and deceived the internal and international people about the movement’s nature, basically it moulded the motive of the wing. CCTV is not only working to be a savior of CCP’s reputation, it is also promoting party policies. In a recent report by the Centre of Land Warfare Studies, it stated that a diplomatic approach ran in contrast to Chinese state-led media “Global Times” accusation that the Ladakh incident occurred because of infrastructure construction by India along with the disputed territory.

China has also adopted a ‘blame game’ tactic as part of this new strategy.  In another report by the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), which is affiliated by the Ministry of State Security, China warned the U.S. that relations may turn into confrontation because anti-China sentiment from the U.S. for the pandemic spread.  Meanwhile, China’s “Global Times” articles claim that the virus was originated in the United States.

China thinks itself a great strategist.  However, its current strategy is highly problematic.  While an investigation into the virus start would provide some hope for regaining its global statue, the chance of trusting China might have ended.

Ritika Upadhyay is a B.A.L.L.B. student of Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, India

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