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Thu. February 02, 2023
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Lessons from Incipient Civic Movements in the Broader Middle East
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By Nicholas A. Heras and Christos Kyrou Ph.D Abstract The term incipient societies refer to societies newly organized or rearranged in order to pursue their civil rights and needs within a transitional state of governance. The word “incipient,” deriving from inception, implies the high degree of improvisation and ingenuity applied by such societies in adapting and adjusting constantly within a fluid, uncertain, and highly unstable political environment. In regions such as these core components of the traditional state are highly compromised or nonexistent either due to failure of the state to assert its power and/or due to the presence of one or more strong counter-state entities including insurgencies, militias, alternative communities, and other challengers to the state’s sovereignty. The political environment is considered of high incipience when the conditions are such that encourage and support the germination of multiple new or reformed groups. In popular revolts the political scene gradually moves from a state of high to one of low incipience. This article utilizes this analytical framework to shed light on the so-called “Arab Spring,” focusing on the events in Egypt, Libya, and Syria. It provides recommendations and suggestions, as well as areas of future consideration provided by this analysis. Read the entire paper...

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