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Thu. February 22, 2024
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Now Available: International Affairs Forum - Winter Edition
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Our latest edition of International Affairs Forum (Taylor and Francis) is now available. This issue focuses on the BRICS countries and the impact of social media on governance. Features include: Is the Middle Income Trap About to be Sprung? By Barry Eichengreen University of California, Berkeley Interview with Professor Robert M. Stern (University of California, Berkeley) BRIC Development Financing Flows to Low-Income Countries. By Nkunde Mwase (International Monetary Fund) Interview with Professor Haroon Bhorat (University of Cape Town) BRICS and Development Aid: Could Chinese Aid be Different? By Professor David Phillips (GBRW Consulting) The BRICS and Climate Change. By Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas (Queen Mary University of London) The Incentives for China's Climate Actions. By Junjie Zhang (student, Harvard University) Toward a BRICS Consensus? By Professor Oliver Stuenkel (Global Public Policy Institute) Interview with Dr. Abdul A. Erumban (University of Groningen) Maternal and Child Health in India: What is the Role of Policy? By Dr. Shareen Joshi (Georgetown University) The BRICS Development Bank and the Perks of Being in the Grouping. By Andre G. de M. Pineli Alves (Institute for Applied Economic Research, Brazil) Interview with Professor Smita Smita Brunnermeier (Princeton University) The Open Question on Brazil's Rise on the World Stage. By Dr. Matthew Taylor (American University) BRICing Down? A New Normal for the BRICs. By Hamid Poorsafar (student, The University of Texas at Austin) Why India's Growth Miracle May Not Continue. Professor Kunal Sen (University of Manchester) Food Security, Biotechnology, and the BRICS: A Necessary Relationship. By Professor Fabiano Mielniczuk (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)) Interview with Professor Werner Baer University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign. Institutional and Infrastructural Changes to India's Development. By Dr. Ranajoy Ray-Chaudhuri (The Ohio State University) The Third Industrial Revolution and Development Strategies of China. By Zou Lixing (China Development Bank) Processes of Urbanization in India: The Exclusionary Trends. By Professor Amitabh Kundu (Jawaharlal Nehru University) Russian Vision for the BRICS. By Dr. Victoria V. Panova(Moscow State University Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)) Social Media and International Affairs: An Opportunity and Risk for Democracy. By Tim Maurer (New America Foundation) Social Media: Its Emerging Importance and Impact on Citizen Engagement. By Victoria Burton (IBM Corp.) The Future of New Technologies in Government. By Dr. Ines Mergel (Syracuse University) Cyberactivism in the Arab Spring: What Social Media Can and Cannot Do. By Professor Sahar Khamis (University of Maryland) Crowdsourcing to Fight Corruption. Interview with Metodi Zajkov (Transparency International)

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