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Mon. July 22, 2024
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IAF Articles: Middle East/Caucasus: Middle East: Turkey

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for the Middle East/Caucasus/Middle East/Turkey Region

The European Turks
The European Turks

Turkish immigration issues, EU relations, trade, and Ergodan: an analysis. By Eric Szandzik. (12/19/2016)



Mediterranean Energy Alliances Isolate Turkey
Mediterranean Energy Alliances Isolate Turkey

The discovery of hydrocarbons has altered the geopolitical situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, leading to the formation of new alliances that leave Turkey out of the game. By Evita Souri. ... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Michael Werz
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Michael Werz
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Michael Werz (Center for American Progress) about EU security issues including their involvement in Libya and the impacts of Turkey. (07/28/2011) Read More...

IA-Forum Interview:  Dr. Bulent Aliriza, CSIS
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Bulent Aliriza, CSIS
IA-Forum speaks with Dr. Bulent Aliriza, Director of the Turkey Project at the Center for International and Strategic Studies, about Turkey’s role in the ongoing nuclear sanctions saga between the US ... Read More...

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Defense developments in key Balkan states, 2000-2005
Author presents a comparative analysis of defense procurement in four key Balkan states. By Ioannis Michaletos. (4/20/2006) Read More...

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