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Tue. July 23, 2024
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IAF Editorials: Europe: Central Europe: France

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Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?
Afghanistan 2014: is retreat of Western soldiers feasible?
Author examines current military situation in Afghanistan and prospect for removing Western troops by 2014. By Michael Orfanos. (05/23/2011) Read More...

Will the EU quit its expansion Cold Turkey?
Will the EU quit its expansion Cold Turkey?
Ideals tempered by Realpolitik have driven the idea that Turkey ought to be a member of the EU. But Europe's people no longer blindly follow their leaders on European matters. Turkey's membership may ... Read More...

France's Spring Break Perpetuel
France's Spring Break Perpetuel
"Never, never aim legislative reforms at the retired or the young, particularly when the weather is warming up." Jens F. Laurson and George A. Pieler discuss the French student protests against the Read More...

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Wasted Energy
The authors poke at the European 'Energy Summit' and discuss possibilities for Energy diversification in Europe. By George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson (first published on Tech Central Station, 04/10... Read More...

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