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Sun. June 23, 2024
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External Article
China Praised for African Links
Rwandan President praises the way Africa does business in Africa as a way of promoting infrastructure, capital inflows, and development, as opposed to U.S. foreign aid. (BBC News October 11, 2009) Read More...

External Article
Grassroots justice for genocide begins
Rwanda's gacaca, or traditional courts, start the huge task of trying 63 000 cases. (11/3/2005, The Star) Read More...

External Article
Rwanda, Mozambique have highest women MP percentage
A total of 7 developing countries, with Rwanda and Mozambique in the lead, rank among the 17 top performers with more than 30 percent of women parliamentarians (MPs), a new report shows. (4/3/2005, af... Read More...

PDF document
Never again: educational reconstruction in Rwanda
The study documents the strategies of the management of education in Rwanda since 1994 war and genocide. By Anna Obura (2003, Unesco) Read More...

External Article

External Article
Rwanda in Retrospect
Given the genocide in Rwanda's terrifying pace, even a major mission by the West could have saved only a fraction of the ultimate victims. Herewith a reassessment of the limits of intervention. By Ala... Read More...

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