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Thu. July 18, 2024
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Social Media: Africa: East Africa: Uganda

1-30 Social Media articles displayed
for the Africa/East Africa/Uganda Region

External Article
Uganda bombs: rise of al-Shabab extremism
Article analysing factors behind the bombing of Uganda. By Jason Burke (The Hindu, 07/13/2010) Read More...

External Article
Africa's Longest War Still Taking Lives
Article analysing the appropriate strategy for quelling the LRA's brutality on Ugandan civilians. By Maria Burnett (Human Rights Watch, 06/19/2009) Read More...

External Article
Uganda's Oil Find; Curse Not Blessing
Article disclosing the effects of oil discovery in Uganda. ( Friends For Peace in Africa, 02/27/009) Read More...

External Article
Use new oil resources to improve lives of Ugandans
The book provides a glimpse of what can go wrong when ruthless international interests teams up with local corruption. By Opiyo Oloya(Friends for Peace, 02/25/2009) Read More...

External Article
Senior Uganda rebel leader killed
Africa news round-up: Army hails death of Okello Yape and capture of Thomas Kwoyelo as major step to ending LRA fighting; By Annie Kelly (guardian.co.uk 03/10/2009) Read More...

External Article
Uganda’s Smart Protectionism
For too long, African governments have listened to the siren song of free trade - and have suffered from too much openness, not too little, writes G. Pascal Zachary . (Project Syndicate, 09/02/2008) Read More...

PDF document
Throw the Rascals Out! Elections, Accountability, and Government Performance in East Africa
Author's reflections on a presentation by Dr. Gina Lambright on democratization in Uganda and Kenya. By Grace Kim. (IA-Forum, 3/28/2006) Read More...

PDF document
Media violence and terrorism
This publication attempts to reveal some of the profound changes in the way that fundamental liberties such as freedom of expression and press freedom have been affected by terrorism and the efforts b... Read More...

External Article
Ugandan army recruiting children
Hundreds of former child soldiers abducted by the rebel Lord's Resistance Army are returning to the battlefield to fight for the Ugandan army. (BBC News, 2/15/2005) Read More...

External Article
Photo journal: Child soldier
In Uganda, child soldiers who escape their captors are brought to a rehabilitation centre in Gulu, where Anna Kari photographed their life and spoke to one of the boys. By Anna Kari (BBC News, 2/16/20... Read More...

External Article

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