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Sat. May 18, 2024
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International Affairs Forum
Social Media: Africa: West Africa: Ivory Coast

1-30 Social Media articles displayed
for the Africa/West Africa/Ivory Coast Region

External Article
France Undermines the Yamassoukoro Agreement
Dr. Gary K. Busch writes about France's duplicitous actions in promoting continued conflict within the Ivory Coast. (Dr. Gary K. Busch, 3/7/06) Read More...

External Article
A Master Drummer Must Have Seven Eyes
Dr. Gary K. Busch debunks commonly held misconceptions about the role of the UN and African Union in the Ivory Coast. (Dr.Gary K. Busch, 1/31/06) Read More...

External Article
The Triumph of French Disinformation
Within this article, Dr. Gary K. Busch presents a different side of the conflict in the Ivory Coast. Mr. Busch asserts that French efforts are a form of neocolonialism, which are intended to prevent ... Read More...

External Article
Child Soldiers Mature Into Remorseless Fighters, Threaten Africa's Stability
This article discusses the problem of child soldiers in Africa becoming adults. They have little other choice than to continue fighting, raising concerns in the U.S. intelligence community of terrori... Read More...

External Article

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