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Sun. July 21, 2024
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TIBET: A Case for Quiet Diplomacy
The record of the Dalai Lama’s talks with Jawaharlal Nehru when they first met after he left Tibet yields conclusions that are still relevant. (Frontline, 04/24/2009) Read More...

External Article
Reason Lost in Angry Voices on Tibet
The author discusses the difficulty in understanding the Tibet situation due to the hysterical nature of much of the media surrounding it. (Asia Sentinel, 04/15/2008) Read More...

The Beijing Olympics: Perfect Storm of Hope for Darfur?
The Beijing Olympics: Perfect Storm of Hope for Darfur?
The political pressure is on China and its Tibet policy. But that pressure might more effectively and efficiently used for change in Darfur. By George A. Pieler and Jens F. Laurson (IA-Forum, 03/22/20... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Professor Donald S. Lopez
IA-Forum Interview: Professor Donald S. Lopez
IA-Forum speaks with Professor Donald S. Lopez, the Arthur E. Link Distinguished University Professor of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, about the current riots in Tibet. By Marina Litvinsky (IA-Forum,... Read More...

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