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Mon. June 17, 2019
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DoogLives!!!!!! ??
Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

Steve Singiser
Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

Just This Guy
Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

1968 leftists caused 20 yrs of Nixon, Reagan, Bush
Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

M.Joseph Sheppard
Nate Silver Twitter (06/16/2019)

Luke Kelly
Economist US Twitter (06/14/2019)

Ashis Basu
Economist US Twitter (06/12/2019)

Matthew Leopold
Economist UK Twitter (03/27/2019)

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