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Sat. May 18, 2024
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for the Middle East/Caucasus/Middle East/Sudan Region

External Article
Five myths about genocide and violence in Sudan
Article on the causes and effects of the genocide in Sudan. By John Prendergast (The Washington Post,12/20/2009) Read More...

External Article
A Killer Forces A Choice in Darfur
Article prescribing recommendations on how to tackle the current problems in Darfur. By Michael J.Gerson (Council on Foreign Relations, 03/25/2009) Read More...

External Article
After Indictment, Sudan Holds Its Breath
Article describing the consequences of Omar al-Bashir's indictment by the ICC in Sudan. By Stephanie Hanson (Council on Foreign Relations, 03/05/2009) Read More...

External Article
After Indictment, Sudan Holds Its Breath
Article describing the aftermath of Omar al Bashir's indictment by the ICC in Darfur. By Stephanie Hanson(Council on Foreign Relations,03/05/2009) Read More...

External Article
Sudan aid purge puts thousands at risk
Thousands of lives are in immediate danger after the Sudanese government continued a purge of international aid organisations after accusing them of colluding with the international criminal court, ai... Read More...

External Article
UN pleads with Sudan over aid ban
The UN secretary general has urged Sudan to rethink its decision to expel aid groups from its Darfur region. (BBC 03/05/2009) Read More...

External Article
Failed States: Fixing a Broken World
Failing states continue to pose a threat to both their neighbors and the greater international community. A close examination of recent history reveals varying correlations between failed or weak stat... Read More...

External Article
A Strategy for Comprehensive Peace in Sudan
The author explains the need to adopt a more balanced and holistic approach to achieving peace in Darfur and throughout Sudan. Recommendations are then provided to the Sudanese government, the Africa... Read More...

External Article
Must intervention be legal?
Armed intervention in Darfur may—or may not—flout the law. Why is it not legal to intervene to stop acts of genecide? Does the legality matter? (The Economist 7/29/04) Read More...

External Article

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