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Sun. December 16, 2018
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IA-Forum Interview: Bjørn Lomborg
IA-Forum Interview: Bjørn Lomborg
IA-Forum speaks with Bjørn Lomborg, author of the book "Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Climate Change," about the debate on climate change. By Trenton Truitt (IA-Forum, 11/05/07) Read More...

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Terrorist Attacks in the United Kingdom: More Faces of al-Qaeda
The authors describe the recently attempted terrorist attacks in the UK and explain how they could impact British counterterrorism policies in the early days of Prime Minister’s Gordon’s term. By Sim... Read More...

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East Europe's past should not remain hidden
The author describes how the lack of dealing with criminals in former Eastern European communist regimes impedes current democratic development in the region. To rectify this problem, the author sugg... Read More...

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IA Forum Interview with Dr Dennis Tray
IA Forum discusses issues surrounding the World Bank/IMF with Dr. Dennis de Tray, Vice President at the Center for Global Development. (By Dimitri Neos) Read More...

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Case Closed: The Debate about Global Warming is Over
Greenhouse gases are an air pollution problem, and in the past have cost significantly less to fix than projected, while declining faster than expected. This gives cause to hope that artificial greenh... Read More...

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New Era of Discord for Russia and West
Paul Reynolds makes the case that the dispute between Russia and the US over the US missile defence system in Europe and the Russian targeting of missiles on Europe is only one facet of the larger tre... Read More...

PDF document
Global Warming: Who Loses--And Who Wins?
If Earth's climate changes meaningfully, there could be broad-based disruption of the global economy unparalleled by an event other than World War II. Huge sums will be made and lost if the global cli... Read More...

External Article
Sarkozy’s Victory and the Future of U.S.-French Relations
The author discusses how the rise of Nicolas Sarkozy to the French presidency could positively affect US-French bilateral relations but also notes the challenges that lie ahead relating to the war in ... Read More...

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