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Wed. May 25, 2022
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Chatham House - Boris Johnson Speech
Chatham House - Boris Johnson Speech (02/20/2018)

Why The UK Needs HMS Queen Elizabeth
Why The UK Needs HMS Queen Elizabeth

The United Kingdom joins the major nations in the world by having a tool to achieve deterrence, diplomatic obligations, disaster relief and humanitarian aid. It is about time. By Danny Hawkins. (07... Read More...

Obama and Cameron, com'on – All We Need is Fromm
Obama and Cameron, com'on – All We Need is Fromm

Reflections on the brotherly love of President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, Erich Fromm, and what capitalism needs. By Amna Whiston. (01/30/2014)


The Muslim Brotherhood in Holes and Corners
The Muslim Brotherhood in Holes and Corners

What's the status on Muslim Brotherhood's activities in the UK and Egypt? By Mohammed Salama. (11/26/2013)


Africa is in the Basement
Africa is in the Basement
Author discusses placement of the African exhibit within the British Museum and how it may represent to some, a broader picture. By William Sapp. (07/21/2008) Read More...

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Direct Democracy
Aberdeen doesn’t’ need London to collect its trash, Milwaukee doesn’t need Washington to run its schools. If that government is best which governs least, then surely that unit of government which has... Read More...

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The World Has Changed - So Must The Tories
Author contends that David Cameron and the Tory party must shed the impression that they are out of date and out of touch. By Jason Miks. (IA-Forum, 10/11/2005) Read More...

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