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Wed. June 12, 2024
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Social Media: Americas: South America: Chile

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for the Americas/South America/Chile Region

Changing of the Guard: The Way Forward for Chile's New President
Changing of the Guard: The Way Forward for Chile's New President
Author analyzes issues facing new Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. By Tarun George. (04/16/2010) Read More...

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Diplomacy Underground
In the bloody War of the Pacific in 1879, Chile took away Bolivia’s only access to the sea. Over a century later, demands from Bolivia for the recuperation of this land are louder than ever. Written B... Read More...

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Muddy Diplomacy
Analyzes an almost-forgotten maritime dispute between Peru and Chile that is being brough to the International Court in The Hague. By Alan Hootnick. (09/23/2007) Read More...

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China, Latin America: a dance of two strangers
This article discusses the growing economic, cultural, and military relationship between China and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. By Tim Johnson (Knight Ridder News Service/Miami Heral... Read More...

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Mercado Común del Sur (MERCOSUR)
Economic Integration Process in the South Cone. Its member countries are: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Read More...

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Association of Latin-American Integration. (ALADI)
ALADI is the largest Latin-American group of integration. It has twelve member countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, tot... Read More...

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External Article
Chile: Ten Steps for Abandoning Aid Dependency for Prosperity
(Heritage Foundation, 5/20/2003)

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The Pinochet Case: New Trends in International Law
A seminar with Dr. Norman A. Bailey, Mr. Peter W. Rodman, and Dr. Miguel Schweitzer (Nixon Center, 9/22/1999) Read More...

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BBC In Depth: The Pinochet File
BBC News Online records the twists and turns of the Pinochet case and unlocks the dark secrets of the general's past. (7/9/2001) Read More...

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Chile Post (Chile)

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