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External Article
Rwandan Elections Rigged with Fear As Opponents Murdered
Article on human rights violations prevailing in Rwanda prior to it's presidential elections. By Georgianne Nienaber (OEN,07/21/2010) Read More...

External Article
What is the history of the African Union?
Article on the role of African Union in the development of Sub-Saharan Africa. (Council on Foreign Relations, 08/09/2010) Read More...

External Article
What are the objectives of the African Union?
Article on African Union's goals on eradicating poverty, combating corruption, improving development in Sub-Sahara Africa. (Council on Foreign Relations, 08/09/2010) Read More...

External Article
Despite Agoa, Swazi exports decline
Article on the advantages/ disadvantages reaped by countries participating in the Africa growth and opportunities act. By IRIN (Africa Review, 05/08/2010) Read More...

External Article
Our New Life, in Blood and Color
Article on the effect of the bombing incident among the people of Uganda. By Julius Ocwinyo (The New York Times, 07/29/2010) Read More...

External Article
Uganda bombs: rise of al-Shabab extremism
Article analysing factors behind the bombing of Uganda. By Jason Burke (The Hindu, 07/13/2010) Read More...

Assessing Peace-Building and Development in Liberia, a Post-Conflict Nation
Assessing Peace-Building and Development in Liberia, a Post-Conflict Nation
Author examines reconstruction progress in post-conflict Liberia, across several sectors. By Dr. Augustine Konneh. (07/12/2010) Read More...

External Article
Africa: Time to go solar
Article on the benefits of solar energy to the African continent. By Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka (03/24/2010, SciDevNet) Read More...

External Article
South Africa's HIV career children
Article investigating the effect of HIV/AIDS on children in South Africa. By Lucy Tobin (The Hindu, 06/22/2010) Read More...

External Article
Recolonization of Africa?
Article on the implications of NEPAD for Africa. By Anthony C. LoBaido. (WorldNetDaily.com, 07/02/2002) Read More...

External Article
Can South Africa Fight Poverty with Soccer?
Article on the implications of the world cup tournament on South Africa's economy. (Open Society Institute, 06/18/2010) Read More...

External Article
The Grotesque Vocabulary in Congo
Article analyzing the role of the West in salvaging Congo's crisis. By Nicholas D. Kristof. (The New York Times,02/10/2010) Read More...

External Article
Why Africa still lags behind
Article on the economic and political challenges facing Africa. By Kofi Annan (Daily Nation, 05/26/2010) Read More...

External Article
Kofi Annan: Championing Africa’s Renaissance
Article on the opportunities available in Africa. By Booker Rising (Center Movement. Org,06/02/ 2010) Read More...

External Article
Young Superheroes in a Hut
Article on the causes of poverty in Africa. By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF (New York Times, 04/10/2010) Read More...

External Article
In Africa, a step backward on human rights
Article beseeching equality for the gay , lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community in South Africa. By Desmond Tutu. (03/12/ 2010, The Washington Post) Read More...

External Article
Nigerian Spills Make Valdez Look Like Drop in Bucket
Article on oil drilling activities in Nigeria. By Chanan Tigay. (AOL News) Read More...

IA-Forum Spring 2010 Report: Africa, Global Food and Water Security
IA-Forum Spring 2010 Report: Africa, Global Food and Water Security
Spring issue of Forum report featuring global experts discussing African Economic Development, Reconstruction in African Post-Conflict Areas, and Global Food and Water Securities. (05/25/2010) Read More...

External Article
The Emerging Obama Doctrine on Africa
Article discussing emerging thinking on U.S.-Africa relations. By Chinua Akukwe (Worldpress.org, 09/ 29/ 2009) Read More...

External Article
Sudan's imperfect but important elections
Article discussing the implications of President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir's victory. By Jimmy Carter (Los Angeles Times,04/28/ 2010) Read More...

External Article
Women Work toward Equality in Muslim Societies
Article on efforts being made to ensure gender equality among women in Muslim societies. By Mehnaz M. Afridi (Worldpress.org, 03/03/2010) Read More...

External Article
The Women’s Crusade
Article analysing the benefits of including women in poverty reduction programs. Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (The New York Times, 08/17/2009) Read More...

External Article
Land grabs: Africa’s new ‘resource curse’?
Article analysing the acquisition of large scale land on the soci-economic structure of Africa's economy. By Khadija Sharife. (Pambazuka News, 11/26/2009) Read More...

External Article
Ghana Report Warns of ‘Resource Curse’ ...
Article analysing the implications of oil discovery in Ghana. (IPS, 03/05/2009) Read More...

External Article
Fighting corruption through ANCOR
Article assessing the effects of corruption in Nigeria and measures that are being implemented to fight it. By Ishola Micheal (Nigerian Tribune, 05/14/2010) Read More...

External Article
Addressing Nigeria's Economic Problems and the Islamist Terrorist Threat
Article on the growth of radical Islam in Nigeria and its potential impact on regional and energy security. By Ariel Cohen, Ph.D. and Brett Schaefer. (The Heritage Foundation,05/19/2004) Read More...

External Article
HIV Summit in Africa for grandmothers
By David Smith Article on the initiative behind organizing an HIV Summit for grand-mothers who have lost their children to AIDS. (The Hindu, o5/05/2010) Read More...

External Article
Obama Backs Down on Sudan
Article on Obama's actions/inactions regarding Sudanese government. By Nicholas D. Kristof (The NewYork Times, 04/21/2010) Read More...

IA Forum Interview:  Dr. Deborah Brautigam
IA Forum Interview: Dr. Deborah Brautigam
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Deborah Brautigam about her book The Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of C... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview:  Brent Sterling
IA-Forum Interview: Brent Sterling
IA Forum speaks with Brent Sterling about book Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?: What History Teaches Us about Strategic ... Read More...

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