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Fri. April 19, 2019
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for the Asia/Pacific Region

Critical Similarities and Differences in SS of Asia and Europe
Critical Similarities and Differences in SS of Asia and Europe
Policy paper offers several policy incentives why the largest world’s continent must consider creation of the comprehensive pan-Asian institution. By Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic. (05/02/2013) Read More...

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Asia’s Resource Scramble
Asian economies cannot sustain their impressive economic growth without addressing their resource, environmental, and security challenges, writes Brahma Chellaney (04/03/2013, Project Syndicate) Read More...

External Article
The Korean Peninsula: Flirting with Conflict
All sides need to issue more reassuring statements, exercise caution during planned military exercises and, especially, the North must avoid further blatant disregard of its international obligations.... Read More...

External Article
China’s Central Asia Problem
China’s influence is growing rapidly in Central Asia at a time when the region is looking increasingly unstable. (02/27/2013, International Crisis Group) Read More...

Challenges of Cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region: Highlighting Some Probabilities
Challenges of Cooperation in Asia-Pacific Region: Highlighting Some Probabilities
Security challenges facing the Asia-Pacific countries and prospects for cooperation. By Ramzi Bendebka. (02/01/2013) Read More...

External Article
East Asia’s Turning Point
Political transitions in East Asia promise to mark a defining moment in the region’s jittery geopolitics, writes Brahma Chellaney (12/17/2012, Project Syndicate) Read More...

Human Trafficking – the Untamable Epidemic
Human Trafficking – the Untamable Epidemic
A look at the root causes of human trafficking and possible steps to combat it. By Anuradha Kataria. (09/24/2012) Read More...

External Article
An Army of Un
Is North Korea's new leader putting the country's powerful military in its place? By Ken E Gause (07/18/2012) Read More...

PDF document
American Foreign Policy Recommendations Concerning Islamic States

Author critiques US foreign policy regarding Islamic states and offers recommendations for improving relations. By Timothy Aderman. (07/16/2012)


External Article
Syria: Torture Centers Revealed
For 27 Detention Sites: Locations, Commanders’ Names, Torture Methods . (Human Rights Watch, 07/03/2012) Read More...

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