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Fri. August 23, 2019
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External Article
Arab Public Opinion and the Trial of Saddam Hussein
The author argues that the trial of former President Saddam Hussein has failed in aiding the process of healing and reconstruction in Iraq. Rather, it has merely served to reemphasize sectarian divis... Read More...

External Article
A Realistic Idealism
Recent events in the Middle East have revived the old debate between foreign-policy realists and idealists. The former secretary of state advocates a blend of the two views. By Madeleine Albright. (Wa... Read More...

External Article
Arab European League
The Arab European League (AEL) is a political and social movement that stands for the Rights of the Arab and Moslem communities in Europe and the Arab causes in general. The AEL stands also for solida... Read More...

External Article
China Stakes Its Middle East Claim
The Middle East could emerge as the stage for future Sino-US rivalry. Both countries depend on the region because of its vast fossil fuel reserves. China's low-key presence is preferred by many countr... Read More...

External Article
Arab Nations Urged to Enter Nuclear Club
The Arab League has called on Arab nations to embrace the peaceful use of nuclear energy.(NY Times, 3/28/06). Read More...

PDF document
Iraq: The Middle East Pivot
Report on lecture by former Ambassador Edward Gnehm at George Washington University. By Michael Loeb. (IA-Forum, 3/6/2006) Read More...

External Article
Minority Rights Group International
Working to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and to promote cooperation and understanding between communities. Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Leon Hadar
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Leon Hadar, author of Sandstorm, about U.S. involvement in the Middle East. (IA-Forum, 10/13/2005 ) Read More...

External Article
Iraq Parliament May Review Referendum Rules
The United Nations expects Iraq's parliament to review rules on a forthcoming constitutional referendum after the world body criticized a decision making it harder to block the charter, a U.N. officia... Read More...

External Article
Arab Reform and the West
Discusses democracy in the Middle East. By Danielle Pletka, Mustafa Hamarneh. (AEI 7/14/05) Read More...

External Article
HIV/AIDS in the Muslim World
Discusses why there is a growing prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Muslim World. By AEI Newsletter. (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
Rethinking UN Reform
Discusses UN policy reform in perspective to Israel, and to prevent anti-Israeli sentiments in the Middle East. By Newt Gingrich, Peter Oppenheim. (AEI 7/22/05) Read More...

External Article
Here's what America can do to be loved by Muslims
The president of Charney Research, a New York polling firm, & author of "A New Beginning: Strategies for a More Fruitful Dialogue with the Muslim World", shares some findings. By Craig Charney. (Comm... Read More...

External Article
Why U.S. Public Diplomacy Failed in the Arab World
A student at the American University in Cairo and a former participant in the Soliya Arab-American online dialogue program offers up reasons why US policy has failed among Arabs. By Nancy El-Gindy (C... Read More...

External Article
A Higher Realism
Discusses the Bush administration's mission in the Middle East, and decision to stay away from Russia and China's nondemocratic practices. By Robert Kagan. (Carnegie Endowment 1/23/05) Read More...

External Article
Listen To Arab Voices
Discusses the Arab Human Development Report, and how the sections asserting that embracing democratic liberal values is neccessary in the Arab world will be effect the Arab world and the Bush administ... Read More...

External Article
Muslims can no longer remain silent about the hijacking of their faith
Middle Eastern media is increasingly speaking more forcefully to condemn terrorism & make regional religious leaders' condemnation of it more widely-heard. Editorial (Daily Star, July 14 2005) Read More...

External Article
The True Face of Terror in London and Baghdad
The managing editor of a Beirut-based English-language daily argues that committing resources & serious effort to a better future for the Middle East is the only way to combat terrorism, wherever it m... Read More...

External Article
Why the Bombings in London are not the Work of 'Islamic' Terrorists
London's metropolitan police commissioner responded that there was not enough information yet to point fingers, but that the culprits certainly were not Islamic terrorists, because Islam and terrorism... Read More...

External Article
Middle East Condemns London Bombings
Hizbullah joins regional condemnation of suspected Al-Qaeda attack on humanitarian, moral & religious grounds. By staff (Daily Star, June 8 2005). Read More...

External Article
If It's a Muslim Problem, It Needs a Muslim Solution
The author provides an argument that a solution must come from within the Muslim "village" in order to halt terrorist attacks which are increasing the isolation and mistrust between the West and Musli... Read More...

External Article
Building Trust Between Cultures
A student at Tufts University & participant in an exchange program which brings Arab and American student leaders together on-line looks for points of commonality between the two groups. By Marc Marre... Read More...

External Article
Democracy or Anti-Terrorism? Tough Choice
Democratization in some Middle Eastern countries also means a weakening of local governments' ability to fight terrorism. By David Ignatius. (Daily Star. July 1, 2005) Read More...

External Article
Independent Palestinian Journalists Attend Common Ground Media Training In Washington, DC
Search for Common Ground (SFCG), the conflict resolution & transformation non-profit, organizes the training of 13 journalists from the West Bank & Gaza in DC. (SFCG, 30 Jun 2005). Read More...

External Article
Five Ways to Win Back Iraq
The director of research at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution criticizes how the United States is handling Iraq's insurgency and proposes a five-point strategy on ho... Read More...

External Article
Aid to Ayatollah is Killed in Baghdad
Sheik Kamaleddin al-Ghuraifi, a senior aid to Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani, was assassinated while a suicide car bomb detonated near the office of a major Shiite political party. By James Glanz and ... Read More...

External Article
Still Being Fooled in the Middle East?
Praise for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's remarks at the American University in Cairo on democracy & liberty, coupled with a highlighting of Middle Eastern doubts about this US policy's motives... Read More...

External Article
European Crisis?
‘What on earth are you Europeans on about? What is this nonsense about Europe breaking apart?’ A view from the Middle East puts things in perspective. (By Robert Fisk. The Independent, June 25 2005) Read More...

External Article
An Amazing Denouement, but also a Triumph for 'Soft Power'
On the diplomatic process that achieved the once seemingly-impossible, namely the swift & bloodless withdrawal of the Syrians from Lebanon, & what it says about Bush's foreign policy. By David Ignati... Read More...

External Article
'We should see Islamists who seek Democracy as part of the Solution, not the Problem'
Alastair Crooke is a former EU foreign affairs expert & British intelligence officer, currently director of London-based Conflicts Forum. Here he talks about the need for a paradigm shift in Western ... Read More...

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