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External Article
Sidelined on Human Rights: America Bows Out
By blocking international treaties banning land mines and child soldiers, the United States has become an obstacle to the advancement of human rights law. By Kenneth Roth. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/1998) Read More...

External Article
The Spotlight and the Bottom Line: How Multinationals Export Human Rights
The conventional wisdom is that U.S. multinationals exploit foreign workers, but the glare of 1990s publicity is driving many firms to export human rights. By Debora L. Spar. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/1... Read More...

External Article
The Specter of Secession: Responding to Claims for Ethnic Self-Determination
A set of principled criteria for responding to claims for ethnic self-determination is long overdue. Policymakers' foremost goal should be protecting human rights. By Hurst Hannum. (Foreign Affairs, ... Read More...

External Article
Women's Vital Voices: The Costs of Exclusion in Eastern Europe
Post-communism has been bad for women in Eastern Europe: their representation, employment, and safety have suffered. America must support women leaders and entrepreneurs for the transition to democrac... Read More...

PDF document
Managing Pluralism: The Human Rights Challenge of the New Century
By Nikolas Gvosdev. (World Policy Journal, 12/1/2001)

External Article
Beyond Ping-Pong Diplomacy: China and Human Rights
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2000)

External Article
Enforcing Human Rights 
(World Policy Journal, 9/1/1999)

PDF document
National Human Rights Commissions and Internally Displaced Persons: Sri Lanka
(Brookings Institute, 1/1/2002)

External Article
Human Rights in China
(Brookings Institute, 6/1/1999)

External Article
BBC In Depth: Burma protests remembered
In the summer of 1988 the people of Burma poured onto the streets in their tens of thousands, calling for basic human rights, and democracy. The country's military rulers crushed the protests, and rem... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Famine in Africa
More than eight million people face starvation in drought-stricken Ethiopia, where one million people were killed by famine 15 years ago. (1/6/2003) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: AIDS in Africa
Aids kills some 6,000 people each day in Africa - more than wars, famines and floods. Millions of children are orphans, many more live with HIV or Aids. This special report, with correspondents’... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Human Rights UK
Fifty years after it was first signed by the members of the Council of Europe, the European Convention on Human Rights has become part of British law. (1/1/2000) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Human Rights in Europe
News and analysis of human rights stories affecting Europe. (3/28/2003) Read More...

External Article
Narco-Terror: The International Connection Between Drugs and Terror
The entire soul of our society is weakened and our democracy is diminished by drug use. Not only does it weaken the United States, but it also supports attacks against the judicial system in Mexico. ... Read More...

External Article
The Struggle for Russia
The arrest last month of Mikhail Khodorkovsky on charges of fraud and tax evasion has put Russia back in the forefront of US media attention. But is the story being reported the full, or essential, on... Read More...

External Article
Colombia and Human Rights
Discusses volatile human rights situation in Colombia and conditional U.S. aid flowing there. (The Nation, 11/6/2003) Read More...

PDF document
The Economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa
Report on USAID/Brookings/Council on Foreign Relations Conference regarding HIV/AIDS in southern Africa. (Brookings Institute, 9/1/2001) Read More...

External Article
China’s Health Calamity: Causes and Consequences.
A Panel Discussion with Bates Gill, Myron Cohen and David M. Lampton   (Nixon Center, 6/4/2003) Read More...

PDF document
China's Drug Problem and Looming HIV Epidemic
(World Policy Journal, 3/1/2001)

External Article
China's HIV Crisis
Once dismissed by Chinese officialdom as a Western problem, the spread of HIV is only now getting serious attention from Beijing. But it may be too late: China already faces a major epidemic. By Bate... Read More...

External Article
Time for Ottawa to act
Amnesty calls on Canadians to airlift African refugees to Canada, as they did with Kosovars. By Alex Neve. (Toronto Star, 7/10/2003) Read More...

External Article
Women and the Transition to Democracy: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Beyond
(Heritage Foundation, 6/20/2003)

External Article
Amnesty International
Leading human rights organization.

External Article
Finding a Role for Women in Rebuilding Iraq
A look at the position of women in post-war Iraq. By Laura Liswood. (Christian Science Monitor, 5/15/2003) Read More...

External Article
Institute for War and Peace Reporting
An international media development charity, IWPR is led by senior journalists and peace researchers, with staff drawn from established media such as the BBC, The Guardian and Reuters. Read More...

External Article
The Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy
The Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy is an astoundingly diverse group of scholars, policy makers and concerned citizens united by their opposition to an American empire. The Coalition is dedic... Read More...

External Article
Global Exchange
International human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political and social justice. Read More...

External Article
Alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations. Read More...

External Article
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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