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Sat. December 15, 2018
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External Article
Afghanistan: Measuring Progress Toward Peace
This article examines certain metrics that should be used to measure progress in the Afghan war, while stressing that patience from the American public must be exercised above all. By Michael E. O'Han... Read More...

External Article
Rethinking Afghanistan
The author examines whether the Afghan war is winnable, if worth fighting at all. By Greg Bruno (Council on Foreign Relations, 09/01/2009) Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: James Cockayne
IA-Forum Interview: James Cockayne
IA-Forum speaks with James Cockayne about his new book ‘Beyond Market Forces: Regulating the Global Security Industry.’ By Cynthia Iris (08/31/2009) Read More...

External Article
Battle Begins When Fighting Ends in Pakistan
To be sure, the fighting isn’t over, but the hard part is actually what comes next. Success will be short lived without a comprehensive, long-term strategy to ensure stability. By David Kampf (Asia Ch... Read More...

External Article
Strategically Lost in Afghanistan
The Obama administration seems to be having big second thoughts about Afghanistan. By Harvey M. Sapolsky (e-IR, 08/16/2009) Read More...

External Article
How Not To End A War
Mikhail Gorbachev called Afghanistan “our bleeding wound”. Why hasn’t Nato learned from the Soviet Union’s mistakes? By Victor Sebestyen (New Statesman, 08/13/2009) Read More...

External Article
Authoritarianism in Pakistan
This article deciphers the formative and differing impacts that British colonialism left on Pakistan and India, especially in terms of the role of military. By Zoltan Barany. (Policy Review, August... Read More...

External Article
Moscow's Security Plans Face Reality Check
Russia renews pledges to prop up its bilateral strategic partnership with China and strengthen a post-Soviet security alliance in a thinly veiled attempt to counter alleged western influence in Centra... Read More...

External Article
My Plan to Drop the Bomb
The assumption that nuclear weapons are indispensable to keeping the peace is crumbling, says UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. He presents five-point plan to achieve his goal. (Project Syndicate, 08/... Read More...

External Article
Iraq: A Time to Stay?
The US Needs an Exit Strategy, Not Just an Exit. US policy has to look at other considerations than simply when and how quickly it should remove its troops, writes Anthony Cordesman. (CSIS, 08/04/2009... Read More...

External Article
Cross-Strait Relations Improve
Taiwan and China have made impressive progress over the last year improving relations in the political and economic arenas, but China’s has continued to procure and deploy equipment that puts Taiwan a... Read More...

External Article
A New North Korea Strategy
With China’s lead—and U.S. support—Pyongyang could be brought to its knees and given the choice of watching its economy collapse or giving up nuclear weapons. By Michael E. O'Hanlon and Stephen J. Sol... Read More...

External Article
Comparing the U.S. and Soviet Experiences in Afghanistan
The current conflict in Afghanistan may hold parallels to the Soviet's war in the 1980s, especially with regard to Pakistan's role as a safe haven. However, there are many substantial differences betw... Read More...

External Article
Afghanistan's Election Challenges
Afghan national elections quickly approaching, representing a moment of opportunity and risk. As the authors of the report argue, the Afghan government's focus must be on strengthening security provis... Read More...

External Article
The Centre for International Governance Innovation: Afghanistan: Looking Forward
Though the situation in Afghanistan is grave, it is far from hopeless. In an attempt to find a way forward, author Ronald E. Neumann analyzes the specific issues which must be addressed for the Afghan... Read More...

External Article
Where the Real Fight Is
Article argues that Pakistan, not Afghanistan, should be the focus of Obama's war on terror. By Michael Cohen & Parag Khanna (Foreign Policy, 07/16/2009). Read More...

PDF document
Afghanistan: Post-Taliban Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy
In this comprehensive report, Kenneth Katzman discusses the challenges facing US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. By providing a thorough overview of the primary actors and relevant history, the report... Read More...

External Article
Syria and Turkey Deepen Bilateral Relations
Bilal Y. Saab examines the regional context within which the military exercise between Syria and Turkey was conducted. (The Brookings Institution, 05/06/2009) Read More...

External Article
Flipping the Taliban
The deployment of more U.S. troops to Afghanistan is necessary to tip the balance of power against the Taliban. But this military "surge" must be accompanied with a political one designed to persuade ... Read More...

PDF document
Building a Silk Road: U.S.-Japan Cooperation for Afghanistan and Central Asia
Joseph Ferguson discusses the critical role that the Japanese can play in helping improve the security situation in Afghanistan. By using their investments and leverage with Central Asian states, Japa... Read More...

External Article
Women's Health at Center of Development, Security Goals in Afghanistan
Ambassador-at-large for Global Women's Issues, Melanne Verveer and Afghanistan's Minister for Public Health, Sayed Mohammed Amin Fatimie testified on Capital Hill about the importance of women's healt... Read More...

PDF document
Focus and Exit: An Alternative Strategy for the Afghan War
With a resurgent Taliban, a shift in strategy is drastically needed. Coalition forces can succeed only if Afghan institutions are given room to grow. By concentrating efforts in select areas, coalitio... Read More...

External Article
How to Keep America Safe from Mexico's Drug Wars
Dr. Carafano discusses how violence from Mexico's Drug War is spilling over onto this side of the border. By James Jay Carafano. ( Heritage Foundation, 3/30/09) Read More...

External Article
Only the US Can Win War on Drugs
In light of the current War on Drugs that Mexico is struggling to grapple with, authors Weiss and Rozental discuss the need for the US to wage a war on America's demand for drugs that might match Mexi... Read More...

External Article
United States-Russia: last stop before the summit
Political commentator Andrei Fedyashin analyzes the prospects of Russia and the United States reaching an agreement to replace the START I treaty. (RIA Novosti, 06/22/2009) Read More...

External Article
North Korea: Getting Back to Talks
Finding a way to resume talks on ending the nuclear program may appear to reward Pyongyang’s bad behaviour, but diplomacy is still the least bad option. (Crisis Group, 06/18/2009) Read More...

PDF document
SIPRI Yearbook 2009 (Summery)
40th edition of SIPRI Yearbook provides comprehensive data and analysis of military spending, armaments, security, conflicts, non-proliferation and arms control around the world during past year. (SIP... Read More...

External Article
Hezbollah: No Questions Asked
Hezbollah was defeated in the elections, but the issues of its armament, information and role are still not to be questioned until further notice. By Mshari Al-Zaydi (Asharq Alawsat, 06/13/2009) Read More...

External Article
The New Military Frontier: Africa
Article discussing U.S military operations in Africa and the challenges facing AFRICOM initiative. By Emira Woods (Foreign Policy In Focus, 09/18/2007) Read More...

External Article
Don’t Make It Worse
In response to North Korea’s nuclear tests, calls for switching to a military track should be resisted. The art of politics is not to turn a problem into a threat and a threat into an armed conflict. ... Read More...

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