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External Article
Police Are at War With the Russian People
Opinion piece revealing police brutality in Russia. by Yulia Latynina (The Moscow Times, 11/08/04) Read More...

External Article
Will Yukos tax bill be a burden for us all?
Article focuses on the future of Yukos Oil and the global effects of its bankrupcy. By Conal Walsh (The Observer, 08/01/04) Read More...

External Article
Russia protests over Belarus TV closure
Russia has protested to Belarus about the closure of the Russian state television office in Minsk in retaliation for its coverage of an opposition rally in the Belarusian capital. BBC News (7/28/04) Read More...

External Article
U.S. turns heat on Russia in WTO entry bid
Criticism of Russian business methods. Discussion focusses on obstacles Russia faces before achieving its goal of 10 years, entering the World Trade Organization. WTO entrance would open Russian mar... Read More...

External Article
How to Stop Nuclear Terror
U.S. secretary of energy Spencer Abraham talks about U.S. efforts to halt arms proliferation. (Washington Post, 7/17/2004, reg.) Read More...

External Article
Illarionov: Central Bank Fueled Crisis
"Silent socialism" is provoking panic in the Russian banking system, Andrei Illarionov, Putin's top economic adviser warns. (The Moscow Times, 07/09/2004) Read More...

External Article
Russian Gas To Compensate For North Korean Nuclear Programme
Discussion of the possibility of Russian oil and gas to be exported to the Korean Peninsula, which would halt the development of any nuclear programme. By Marianna Belenkaya (RIA Novosti, 06/07/04) Read More...

External Article
Is Russia really that scary?
Author discusses the Russian economy, in comparison to other Eastern European markets, and methods of investment to avoid potential losses. By Barbara Wall (International Herald Tribune, 06/07/04) Read More...

External Article
Russian nuclear forces, 2004
Report on current Russian nuclear forces. (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 7/1/2004) Read More...

External Article
The rule of law, Russian-style
Shares in Yukos Oil go down following the court sentence and subsequent seizure of funds. One may look at this event as exemplary of the Kremlin's method to maintain hold of power. The court proces... Read More...

External Article
Why Russia Gains From a Yushchenko Victory
Upcoming Ukrainian Presidential campaigns causes bewilderment and confusion of where Russia should place its support. In the past, Ukraine has fluxuated their foreign policy, engaged in oligarchical ... Read More...

External Article
Russia's Contradictions
Editorial piece explaining that despite simplistic characterizations, today's Russia is a complex place with great progress mixed in with illiberal dangers. By Nikolas K. Gvosdev (The National Interes... Read More...

External Article
The US and the lessons of Chechnya
Draws comparisons between U.S. and Iraq conflict with Russia and the Chechnyan conflict. By Christopher Lord. (Asia Times, 5/27/2004) Read More...

External Article
The Virtual Doubling of GDP
Criticism of financial prospects predicted by the Russian government, with particular focus on the agricultural sector and the problems surrounding it. By Yulia Latynina (Moscow Times, 16/06/04) Read More...

External Article
Russia Joins U.S.-Led Initiative On WMD
Russia joins Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), implemented by the US, and intended to create a network of countries that share intelligence and cooperate in halting potential shipments of weapo... Read More...

External Article
Putin's heavy hand could halt Russia's rise
Through a process of modernization, Russian capitalism has reached new limits, though its democratic practices remain questionable. In searching for a stronger state, alienating civil society has bee... Read More...

External Article
Taking on the Kremlin
As Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Russia's richest man and former head of Yukos Oil, goes on trial for tax evasion, fraud and embezzlement, his Torontonian lawyer fears the outcome may have already been decide... Read More...

External Article
Russia’s Present Condition: Why Putin Couldn’t Lose
Five top scholars on Russia discuss the area as part of the former USSR and analyse the process that Russia has undergone since 1989. As a result, they have comprehensively put together a well formed... Read More...

External Article
Moscow Clamps Down On Chechnya Coverage, But No Solution In Sight For Republic
The assasination of Chechen President, Akhmed-hadji Kadyrov, has caused much of Russia's state owned media outlets, to crackdown on media coverage and freedoms. The effects, of which, may influence ... Read More...

External Article
Citibank reveals a Russian oligarch's secret
US based Citibank masters the art of Russian business by securing $800 million loan to Russian oligarchs. By John Helmer. (Asia Times, 03/06/04) Read More...

External Article
Partnership, Under Construction
In the first public criticism by the Bush administration of Russia, Secretary of State Powell diplomatically criticizes a resurgence of authoritarianism under Putin, including the weakening of the leg... Read More...

External Article
McNamara: Nuclear War Still Possible; NY No. 1 Target
The threat of devastating nuclear attack by Russia against the United States has not diminished, warns former Sec. of Defense Robert McNamara. By Jon E. Dougherty (NewsMax.com, 04/27/2004) Read More...

External Article

External Article
Little to Show From Putin
By Michael McFaul. (Washington Post, 3/14/2004, Reg)

External Article
Russia: A Normal Country
Conventional wisdom in the West says that post-Cold War Russia has been a disastrous failure. The facts say otherwise. By Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Treisman. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/2004, $) Read More...

External Article
Reinventing the West
During the Cold War, the ever-present Soviet threat helped keep the West united. More recently, however, attempts to mend the transatlantic rift by pointing to present dangers have only deepened the c... Read More...

External Article
Blast kills exiled Chechen leader
(February 13, 2004 CNN)

External Article
The War in Chechnya: What Is At Stake?
Analysis of Chechnyan crisis. Argues that the situation benefits neither side and that Russian military strikes must stop. By Ariel Cohen. (Heritage Foundation, 11/30/1999) Read More...

External Article
Dreams of the Eurasian Heartland: The Reemergence of Geopolitics
An old political theory, "Eurasianism" is fast gaining converts in Russia's corridors of power. Its vision of a new Russian-Asian alliance could start World War III. By Charles Clover. (Foreign Affair... Read More...

External Article
Language Follows Power: The Linguistic Free Market in the Old Soviet Bloc
The waning use of Russian in the old Soviet bloc is a gauge of the severity of the Soviet collapse. What is prized now is German and, above all, English. By Marshall R Singer. (Foreign Affairs, 1/1/19... Read More...

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