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External Article
Little to Show From Putin
By Michael McFaul. (Washington Post, 3/14/2004, Reg)

External Article
Russia: A Normal Country
Conventional wisdom in the West says that post-Cold War Russia has been a disastrous failure. The facts say otherwise. By Andrei Shleifer and Daniel Treisman. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/2004, $) Read More...

External Article
Reinventing the West
During the Cold War, the ever-present Soviet threat helped keep the West united. More recently, however, attempts to mend the transatlantic rift by pointing to present dangers have only deepened the c... Read More...

External Article
Blast kills exiled Chechen leader
(February 13, 2004 CNN)

External Article
The War in Chechnya: What Is At Stake?
Analysis of Chechnyan crisis. Argues that the situation benefits neither side and that Russian military strikes must stop. By Ariel Cohen. (Heritage Foundation, 11/30/1999) Read More...

External Article
Dreams of the Eurasian Heartland: The Reemergence of Geopolitics
An old political theory, "Eurasianism" is fast gaining converts in Russia's corridors of power. Its vision of a new Russian-Asian alliance could start World War III. By Charles Clover. (Foreign Affair... Read More...

External Article
Language Follows Power: The Linguistic Free Market in the Old Soviet Bloc
The waning use of Russian in the old Soviet bloc is a gauge of the severity of the Soviet collapse. What is prized now is German and, above all, English. By Marshall R Singer. (Foreign Affairs, 1/1/19... Read More...

External Article
U.S.-Russian Relations Threatened By Iraq Arms Sales
It is in the interest of both Russia and the US to stop acrimony over Iraq and focus on the future. To achieve this, the Putin Administration must “clean house” and take the culprits who sold banned w... Read More...

External Article
Russia's Ruinous Chechen War
The fighting in Chechnya is leading dissatisfied nationalities to rethink their options -- and their dependence on Russia. Chechnya was the first to rebel. It will not be the last. By Rajan Menon and ... Read More...

External Article
Kyoto’s not dead yet
A Russian presidential adviser has said the country cannot sign the Kyoto climate-change treaty. If true, the accord would be dead. But the deputy economy minister insists that Russia is moving toward... Read More...

External Article
Against Russophobia
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2000)

External Article
Bush and Putin’s Tentative Embrace
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2001)

External Article
Meltdown in Ukraine
In the last several months, Ukraine has descended into chaos. A careful response from Washington and Brussels can still stop Kiev's descent into tyranny -- but there's no time to lose. By Adrian Karat... Read More...

External Article
Women's Vital Voices: The Costs of Exclusion in Eastern Europe
Post-communism has been bad for women in Eastern Europe: their representation, employment, and safety have suffered. America must support women leaders and entrepreneurs for the transition to democrac... Read More...

External Article
The Most Urgent Security Threat?
Discusses American perspective regarding possible theft of nuclear weapons or weapons-usable material from Russia for use against Americans. (Nixon Center, 1/19/2001) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Russia's Parliamentary Elections
The elections to the lower house of Russia's parliament have given a major boost to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the man he hopes to succeed as president, Boris Yeltsin. BBC News Online looks at ... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Yeltsin Bows Out
Boris Yeltsin's resignation announcement took Russia and the world by surprise. BBC News Online looks at what happens next in Russia, and what the Yeltsin years have meant for Russia's people. (1/4/20... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: The Chechen Conflict
Report and analysis of Chechen conflict. (1/6/2003)

External Article
BBC In Depth: Russia's Vote for President
Russia's new President, Vladimir Putin, promises to restore confidence and pride in the nation he has inherited from Boris Yeltsin… (3/6/2001) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Collapse of the USSR 10 Years On
Background and analysis of USSR collapse. (1/1/2001)

External Article
U.S.-Russia Summit Priorities: The Strategic Framework, a Nuclear Arms Agreement, and Trade
Summit framework could lay the foundation for a new 21st century security architecture while facilitating Russia's integration into the European-North Atlantic security and economic environment. (Her... Read More...

External Article
Russia and the Axis of Evil: Money, Ambition, and U.S. Interests
Russia is more concerned today about the threat of Islamist terrorism than most Western European governments, thus providing the window for a strategic relationship. The Bush Administration should gi... Read More...

External Article
Preventing a Crisis in U.S.-Russian Relations Over Moscow's Nuclear Technology Exports
(Heritage Foundation, 3/3/2003)

External Article
Russia: Grasping Reality of Nuclear Terror
The threat of nuclear terror has grown due to Russia's second campaign in Chechnya, which has left separatists to believe the threat of catastrophy is the only way to drive Russia out of the North Cau... Read More...

External Article
Prospects for U.S.-Russian Nonproliferation Cooperation Under Bush and Putin
(Belfer Center, 1/1/2003)

External Article
The Struggle for Russia
The arrest last month of Mikhail Khodorkovsky on charges of fraud and tax evasion has put Russia back in the forefront of US media attention. But is the story being reported the full, or essential, on... Read More...

External Article
The (Russian) Empire Strikes Back
By Leon Aron. (Weekly Standard, 11/10/2003)

External Article
West should give Putin an ultimatum
Asserts that Putin should be given an ultimatum: Either follow through with Russia's economic and democratic reforms or lose cooperation from the West. By Borut Grgic and Janusz Bugajski. (Christian... Read More...

External Article
Iran's Nuclear Program: The Russians May Be Ready To Help
(Belfer Center, 6/12/2003)

External Article
The Ruin of Russia
Joseph Stiglitz attributes Russia’s economic decline in the last two decades to IMF and US Treasury sponsored policy prescriptions. Russia’s tumultuous transition demonstrates the danger of following ... Read More...

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