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Fri. August 23, 2019
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Why we need Sustainable Development Goals
Rio+20 must launch SDGs to guide countries through complex development challenges, argues Colombian ministry official Paula Caballero Gómez. (05/24/2012, SciDev.Net) Read More...

External Article
A Global New Deal
Public’s tolerance for economic policies that do not reduce unemployment has collapsed, says Jomo Kwame Sundaram, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development (Project Syndicate, 05/22/2012... Read More...

External Article
Rio Plus 20: What Prospects for the Next UN Mega-Conference?
The question looming at Rio is whether the voluntary, bottom-up approach to global environmental governance will show any more promise. By Stewart M. Patrick (03/30/2012, Council on Foreign Relations) Read More...

External Article
What Are Iran's Intentions?
There is little credible discussion of just what constitutes the Iranian threat, though we do have an authoritative answer, provided by U.S. military and intelligence. Their presentations to Congress ... Read More...

PDF document
Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing
UN Secretary-General's High-level Panel on Global Sustainability presents its report containing 56 recommendations to put sustainable development into practice and to mainstream it into economic polic... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond (Founder of Refugee Studies Center at Oxford University) about refugee migration. (IA-Forum, 11/29/2010) Read More...

The Forum Fall 2010 Issue: Migration
The Forum Fall 2010 Issue: Migration
Fall Issue of The Forum, featuring experts from around the world discussing economic, regional, and general issues surrounding Migration. (11/09/2010) Read More...

IA-Forum Interview:  Brent Sterling
IA-Forum Interview: Brent Sterling
IA Forum speaks with Brent Sterling about book Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?: What History Teaches Us about Strategic ... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Cleo Paskal
IA-Forum Interview: Cleo Paskal
IA-Forum speaks with Cleo Paskal about her book Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the W... Read More...

External Article
Biofuel revolution threatens food security for the poor
Strong international policies are needed to stop the biofuel revolution threatening food security for the poor. By Siwa Msangi. (SciDev Net - 12/06/2007) Read More...

External Article
Worldwide water crisis: time is running out
Water supply infrastructure improvement is vital to protect both business interests and the World's poor. (Lloyd's - 12/08/2009) Read More...

External Article
More than Eco-efficiency is Required to Improve Food Security
Eco-efficiency concepts should explicitly include social as well as economic and environmental criteria in agricultural output. By S. E. Park, S. M. Howden, S. J. Crimp, D. S. Gaydon, S. J. Attwood an... Read More...

External Article
Why Democracy Fails in Fragile States
Paul Collier notes that many of the 58 countries that are home to one billion of the world’s poorest people–– the "bottom billion" ––are unable to provide their citizens with two vital public goods: s... Read More...

External Article
The Dollar and the Deficits
The global economic crisis has revealed the folly of large U.S. budget and trade deficits, as well as of the strong dollar that makes them possible. If it is serious about recovery, the United States ... Read More...

External Article
Frostbitten: Decoding the Cold War, 20 Years Later
The magisterial Cambridge History of the Cold War views the Cold War as an undifferentiated chunk of history. But the conflict between the superpowers was just one strand of history in the middle and ... Read More...

External Article
Beyond Copenhagen
For many climate-change experts, the Copenhagen summit was something of a failure. In order to make real progress on pressing climate issues, policymakers must give up on a binding deal and begin to l... Read More...

External Article
How to Read Brazil's Stance on Iran
As a holder of a temporary seat, Brazil can either facilitate or complicate consensus on the UN Security Council. Equally important, Brazil will play a role in ensuring that sanctions against Iran, if... Read More...

External Article
Complexity and Collapse
Imperial collapse may come much more suddenly than many historians imagine. A combination of fiscal deficits and military overstretch suggests that the United States may be the next empire on the prec... Read More...

External Article
The Future of North America
U.S. national security depends more on cooperative neighbors and secure borders than it does on defeating militias in Basra. By Robert A. Pastor. (Foreign Affairs - Jul/Aug 2008 - $) Read More...

External Article
An Israeli Strike on Iran
This Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Memorandum assesses the likelihood of an Israeli strike on Iran, the policy options available to diminish that likelihood, the implications shoul... Read More...

External Article
The United States in the New Asia
The Obama administration has an opportunity to help define new roles for the United States in this changing Asia. But to sustain its position in the region, Washington will need to move beyond its tra... Read More...

External Article
Doing What Works: Building a Government That Delivers Greater Value and Results to American People
Opinion research shows the public does not believe government is capable of executing its responsibilities efficiently and effectively. As a result, a government makeover would deliver more than polic... Read More...

External Article
Does Europe Matter to the Obama Administration?
The question of how much Europe matters to the United States will ultimately be answered by how much Europe actually delivers on key policy questions such as dealing with instability in places like Af... Read More...

External Article
Debunking False Energy Claims
Reports from the Heritage Foundation and the Milken Institute are a distraction from the real debates on how best to secure our economy and national security, and protect our planet from the effects o... Read More...

External Article
On the Road to Better Biofuels
The recently-announced biofuels initiatives announced represent progress in the right direction toward a clean transportation future. By Jake Caldwell. (The Center for American Progress - 02/08/2010) Read More...

External Article
Reviving the American Empire
The answers to the most pressing problems for Americans are through collaboration with other powers; our global leadership combined with cultural hegemony that declines at a much slower pace than cash... Read More...

External Article
Americans Support Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
Voters recognize through a CAP poll that as our country fights two different wars that it is critical for the military to make recruiting decisions based on a soldier’s skills—not his or her sexual or... Read More...

External Article
The United States of Science
One set of President Obama's 2011 budget numbers tackles the threat posed by ever-rising federal deficits to our country’s long-term stability, and the other set provides the financial wherewithal for... Read More...

External Article
Confronting the Long Crisis of Globalization: Risk, Resilience and International Order
Alex Evans, Bruce Jones and David Steven discuss risks to the process of globalization and new ideas on how to make it ‘more resilient’. (Brookings Institution, 01/26/2010) Read More...

External Article
Slimming Down the Defense Budget
The federal government can and should do more to rein in spending on the investment portion of the defense budget, which still includes a number of outdated, over budget weapons systems. By Lawrence J... Read More...

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