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Sun. June 26, 2022
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External Article
How to Stop Nuclear Terror
President Bush has called nuclear terror the defining threat the United States now faces. He's right, but he has yet to follow up his words with actions. By Graham Allison. (Foreign Affairs, 1/1/2004,... Read More...

External Article
The Terrorist Threat in Africa
The Bush administration has focused on destroying al Qaeda in East Africa, but it has been slow to address less-visible terrorist threats elsewhere on the continent, such as Islamist extremism in Nige... Read More...

External Article
Kenya After Moi
To ensure Nairobi's involvement in the war on terrorism, Washington must be sensitive to its domestic needs, recognizing that fledgling democracies can be more difficult to engage than their authorita... Read More...

External Article
A Duty to Prevent
The international community has a duty to prevent security disasters as well as humanitarian ones -- even at the price of violating sovereignty. By Lee Feinstein and Anne-Marie Slaughter. (Foreign Af... Read More...

External Article
China's New Diplomacy
China has begun to embrace regional and global institutions it once shunned and take on the responsibilities that come with great-power status. Just what the results of Beijing's new sophistication wi... Read More...

External Article
Should Hezbollah Be Next?
The radical Lebanese Shi'ite movement Hezbollah is fomenting violence in post-war Iraq and fanning the flames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But Washington's only option is to confront Hezbolla... Read More...

External Article
US-Iran: Ad Hoc D├ętente to Continue Despite Conservative Sweep
Dissusses current US policy (or perhaps lack of coherent policy) towards Iran in the midst of questions about Iran's nuclear program, terrorist support, and questionable elections. (Antiwar.com, Mar... Read More...

External Article
Global terror threat exaggerated: Blix
(The News International, 3/8/04)

External Article
Center for Security Studies
Swiss international security issues site.

External Article
International Relations and Security Network

External Article
Al-Qaeda's deadly gamble
Tuesday's attacks show how far al-Qaeda will go to destabilize Iraq, says terror specialist Jonathan Schanzer. (Globe and Mail, 3/4/2004) Read More...

External Article
Israel's wall: Divisive issue, dividing neighbors
The fence that Israel says is a necessary evil to stop suicide bombers is likened by the Palestinians to the Berlin Wall as a symbol of aggression and oppression. (MSNBC, Feb 19 2004) Read More...

External Article
Blast kills exiled Chechen leader
(February 13, 2004 CNN)

External Article
Pakistan's nuclear loopholes
Argues that the U.S. should take a harder stand against Pakistani nuclear proliferation. By Selig S. Harrison. (Boston Globe, 2/9/2004) Read More...

External Article
Bush Budget Plan Proposes $463 Million for Colombia in FY 2005
As part of Plan Colombia, the money will be used to support the ongoing fight against drugs and terrorism. By Eric Green. (U.S. Department of State, Washington File, 02/03/2004) Read More...

External Article
Colombia Targeting Rebel Strongholds
Colombian army carries through a more aggressive combat to defeat FARC guerrillas, reports Scott Wilson (The Washington Post, 01/25/2004) Read More...

External Article
To Russia, With Love
Article detailing a 02/2003 CIA memo to the White House: "We do not have any direct evidence that Iraq has used the period since Desert Fox to reconstitute its Weapons of Mass Destruction programs." ... Read More...

External Article
Jihadists in Iraq
An unwelcome Saudi export: The Saudis have a long history of using foreign jihad campaigns to divert attention from crises at home, and to reinforce the hold of Wahhabism over their subjects. In Iraq,... Read More...

External Article
The Qaddafi Precedent - Now that Libya's disarming, who's next?
Without actually meaning to do so, the Bush administration has pulled off one of the most remarkable nonproliferation victories since the advent of the nuclear age: Libya, a hostile, isolated dictator... Read More...

External Article
Libya Substitutes Imperialism's Plowshares
Analyzes Libya's initiative to give up WMD. By Mohamad Khodor. (Dar al hayat, 1/9/2004) Read More...

External Article
The War Against Terrorism, The EU's Response, and the Future of NATO
Lecture by Bernard Jenkin, M.P., Shadow Secretary of State for Defense in Great Britain. who argues that a strong NATO is vital to the war against terrorism. (Heritage Foundation, 3/7/2002) Read More...

External Article
Toward Universal Empire: The Dangerous Quest for Absolute Security
Reflects on the direction of U.S. preemptive security policy in the post 9/11 world. (World Policy Journal, 9/1/2002) Read More...

PDF document
The Determinants of Nonproliferation Export Controls: A Membership-Fee Explanation
Cupitt, Grillot, and Murayama construct an explanatory framework for state decisions to develop national systems of export control that comply with international standards, based on a combination of f... Read More...

PDF document
Reforming the Multilateral Export Control Regimes
The success of reforming the multilateral export control system depends on whether the US and her allies are willing to make a committment to upholding nonproliferation norms, treaties, and to playin... Read More...

PDF document
NPT Export Controls and the Zangger Committee
Fritz Schmidt discusses how the Zangger Committee could help increase cooperation between suppliers and recipients and the role the International Atomic Energy Agency should play in NPT export control... Read More...

External Article
Military Educational Research Library Network
MERLN is a combined catalog for 14 U.S. military libraries in the U.S. & Europe. Read More...

External Article
Cuban leader sees invasion risk as 'real'
Named by the U.S. as one of the rogue states "whose pursuit of weapons of mass destruction makes them hostile to U.S. interests", Cuba dismisses the charges and fights back. (The Washington Times, 01/... Read More...

External Article
Does the CIA Still Have a Role?
Argues that the benefits gained by fielding a worldwide team of secret agents are not worth the exorbitant cost. The CIA should stick to its strengths: analysis for policymakers and high-tech surveil... Read More...

External Article
Hizb ut-Tahrir: An Emerging Threat to U.S. Interests in Central Asia
Discusses Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami (Islamic Party of Liberation) as an emerging threat to American interests in Central and South Asia and the Middle East. By Dr. Ariel C(Heritage Foundation, 5/30/200... Read More...

External Article
Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: How Much of a Challenge
A Nixon Center event with Assistant Secretary of Energy Rose Gottemoeller (Nixon Center, 10/26/1999) Read More...

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